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Boring Blogs Go Bye Bye with These 5 Tips

183748433Ugh. Everyone hates a blasé blogger who regurgitates the same ideas and topics as every other blogger in the blogosphere. Well, my reader, it’s time to take back your blog. If you have discovered that, no, you aren’t a Hemingway or Rowling, go ahead and hire writers to help you out, too.

Channel Your Inner Voice

Every person has a voice, and this goes a step further when writing. The words you choose, the cadence of your language, whether or not you sound like a robot or a thesaurus. If you yearn to yell “Yes!” for alliteration. These things are who you are, so embrace them. They help to set you apart from every other blogger, which means your readers will be able to remember you for who you are.

Go Old School with Flowing Ink

Who says handwriting should be abolished to the last century? No! Take back those words by writing a blog post in actual ink pen and on paper made from dead trees. Then take a photo of said post and publish that on your blog. It’s a thing that you should be doing, while showing your creativity and hopefully your penchant for penmanship.

Give Out a Post to Go

Everyone is busy, we get it. So why not make a post that can be listened to on the treadmill, in the car or while sitting at your son’s soccer game? Publish your next post in mp3 format. By recording it as an audio file you free up your readers to let them experience your blog in some other way than reading. Considering not everyone enjoys reading, this might be the way to attract your target audience.

Get Your Skype On

For bloggers finding the right people to interview is golden. So why not make the most of your rich reward by Skyping with your interviewee? Rather than typing out a transcript-like post of your conversation, give your viewers the real-est deal you can. Record the Skype call and post that conversation as a full-on blog. This is yet another way to creep into the minds of your blog audience.

Create a Comic Strip

Infographics are so business-y. Why not create a visual post that is more relaxed and social media sharable? It doesn’t have to be all satire, like The Oatmeal, either. Check out Tom Fishbourne for marketing-related comic inspiration. Think more “The New Yorker” and less “Charlie Brown” for your business blog. If you aren’t a professional artist do not let that stop you. The fun in comics is their simplicity in drawing. It’s all about the punch line.

Writer Bio: Miranda B tips her hat to bloggers who have developed powerful followings, and loves to see bad blogs blown out of the blogosphere by readers who demand better blogging.

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