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Boost Content Capabilities by Connecting with Customers Offline

connectingwithcustomersofflineWe hear time after time, go online, that is where you need to mine for marketing gold. So you hire content writers, build an online audience, and your business blog has a semi-solid ranking on Google. Now what? What do you do to bring those online numbers up, up, up even more, while attracting true attention, and not simply buying your way with purchase packs of Twitter followers? There is a way, and it will also help to enrich your online content capabilities even more.

Online Isn’t Everything for Businesses

Let’s look at workplaces that are going virtual, with a greater number of freelance workers and fewer in-person meetings. Also known as telecommuting, this approach to office work is most flexible for everyone’s working styles and lifestyles. It even saves the environment due to reduced emissions from gassed up vehicles.

OK, but then let’s look at the downside. Communications are limited to social media, email, texting, conference calls and Google Hangouts. There’s a lack of the ability to bond socially with colleagues, which cuts out a large percentage of relaxed chatter that can lead to great change in a company.

Creating Customer Connections

Now, take this into consideration with your online audience. Your online audience includes thousands of people you’ve never met, nor will ever meet. You can’t “see” what they look like, where they are from, and what type of lifestyle they live. You don’t get the chance to use your powers of persuasion or your personality to invoke feelings of desire for your business. Well, maybe that last one is a bit too far, but maybe not. Having that personal connection with your customers is what has kept business owners in business for centuries. Medium showcases Soundwave, a music business that has returned to some actual physical presence of employees and musicians, simply because gathering in masses is the only way to “bring the magic back to music.”

Bringing the Magic Back to Your Business

Fortunately there are simple tricks for bringing your online followers into your touchable, feelable fold. Start by setting up a Meetup or speaking at Meetups that are related to your field of industry. For example, in Sioux Falls there is a Meetup group for digital content creators that regularly enlists the services of the city’s top online marketing company. A rep from the company comes out and gives a lecture on a pressing topic, while gaining connections with dozens of potential content writers, marketers and social media followers.

Another way to connect with your customer base in real time is to set up focus groups. Attract the attention of your lead social media influencers and form a group. Meet in person at your place of business. This is key. While Google Hangouts are fantastic, you want to generate local attraction by getting people into your place of business. Use the influence of your company culture to show the true passion behind your business. Truly connect on a personal basis to create the strongest bond possible with your high rolling social media influencers. They will, in turn, become customers with a cause to promote. Your job of online connections will be made easier than ever thanks to your new fan club.

Writer Bio: Miranda B is a hermit in South Dakota who currently writes from her Sioux Falls hideout hoping for real world interaction.

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