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Blogs for Dogs

If you have a passion for pets and have been looking for a way to share your knowledge and love of animals with others, now is an opportunity-rich time to try your hand at becoming a freelance pets writer. According to Inc., consumers are forecasted to spend approximately $53 billion on their beloved pets in 2012. This means that there will be a growing number of pet-related industries starting websites that will need product descriptions and other copy. In addition, many of these and already established sites will be searching for pet writers to craft blogs and SEO-rich articles that can drive consumers to their pets-related websites.

Pets Industry Websites:

The internet has made it much easier for beginning pets writers to enter the freelance writing market. To stay relevant and to attract customers, many websites in the dog-eat-dog pet industry hire writers to generate a steady stream of SEO-rich blogs that hopefully will attract consumers to check out their products and services.

Start a Blog:

One of the best ways to distinguish yourself from the pack of other pet writers is to start a blog that showcases your knowledge of animals, as well as your writing talents. Some freelance writers have been able to attract clients looking for knowledgeable writers through their blogs. At the very least, a blog is an excellent way for potential customers to get a feel for your writing style and your experience in this field.

Volunteer with a Rescue Organization:

Not only is volunteering at a rescue organization good for your soul, it can also provide you with valuable experience with multiple types of animals and breeds. Most clients who are looking for a freelance pet writer prefer ones that have experience with more than just a family dog or cat.

In addition, pet rescue organizations often have newsletters or other material they need written up. Although, you will probably not be compensated for writing these, you can always ask to receive a byline on your articles, which you can then use as clips of your work to show to potential clients.

Specialty Magazines:

Doggone it; here are a lot of magazines about pets out there. Dogs, cats and horses all have magazines focused on them. Many animals have multiple publications written about them as well. If you have experience with a certain breed or animal, pitch an interesting story idea to a magazine dedicated to that creature. The magazine is probably in need of fresh ideas and story angles, and might agree to purchase an article from you.

You may also want to join a group such as Dog Writers Association of America, which could help you find leads or network with other writers interested in the pets industry.

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