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The Rerun Binge: How Bloggers for Hire Can Help Turn Old Posts into New Posts

Netflix Is Taking Over My Life
“It should only take about two days to get through this entire season of Buffy on Netflix.”

We hate reruns—except when we love them.

In the world of TV programming, this is certainly true. As much as we think we’d prefer something new every time we tune into a favorite show, sometimes it’s nice to catch an episode we missed the first time it aired, or one that we liked so much we wouldn’t mind another viewing.

Today, with all sorts of options for shows on demand, we also have the opportunity to watch not just a past episode but an entire show’s history. There’s even a term for it: binge watching.

Netflix calls this type of viewing “the new normal” and said 61 percent of surveyed subscribers watch two to six episodes of the same show per sitting. Even more interesting, 73 percent of users have positive feelings about the practice.

It’s certainly a trend away from viewers traditionally tuning in to their favorite show at the same bat-time, same bat-channel each week to learn whether there’s a new program or a rerun.

With this in mind, should old stuff be part of your business blog team’s weekly or monthly content planning? Should you cater to binge blog readers?

“Sort of” is a fair answer to both of these questions. But before we find out why, let’s talk about the magic of words.

Be honest with your readers that a post may not be 100 percent new, but try not to call it “old.” Find positive terms that best fit with your company’s vision and culture.

Try calling the archived posts “classic” or “vintage.” Maybe “best of,” “a reader favorite,” or simply “new to you.” If you offer Green products or services, try something clever like “recycled,” “repurposed” or “sustainable.”

So why can it be a good idea for your business to intersperse new material with the occasional oldie but goodie?

It may be “new” to some

Though longtime readers may have read your original post way back when, you hopefully have gained new readers since then. If your team has been at this for awhile, you probably have a large archive. New readers/customers may likely check out a few pages of old posts to learn about your company, but may not necessarily venture months or years back to read every classic gem.

Reference the past

Perhaps a “very special” post drew some extra attention or a deluge of comments. Did it affect change in your organization or community? Was it simply a fun post? Would you write the same message today? Throw a new intro together, and you’re good to go.

Give your bloggers and bloggers for hire a break

Maybe everyone is working on big projects or maybe it’s vacation season or flu season, but whatever the reason, everyone is working too hard to come up with fresh ideas. So declare “Classic Post Day!” Regular blog readers will get new-ish content to enjoy reading, which is significantly better than nothing, and you’ll have your company’s whole history of posts to draw from.

Joe B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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