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3 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Invest More Into Content Marketing


When making the initial argument for content marketing, it’s common for decision-makers to hear the word “content” and simply think advertising.

In reality, well-written and intelligently-implemented content forms the backbone of a durable, versatile brand identity.

From white papers to customer-facing articles to social media posts, content can be used to flesh out consumer engagement on every level.

It’s the crux of any pro-content argument, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to frame content marketing services as a “must have” when you’re actually called onto the carpet.

Thus, the tongue-twisting question becomes, “how exactly does one advertise advertising as something other than itself?”

There are three important reasons why content works beyond the scope of simple advertising, regardless of the size, industry or even the sales goals of a given company:

Linking & Evergreen Mileage

When tapping content service providers to create a project, it’s important to remember that the investment you make now won’t just pay off during publishing.

Think of your content as separate islands, each with their own attractive facets to lure in customers. When content is treated as a lone island, a customer may come once or twice to check it out. But there isn’t much there to hold their interest for long.

Build bridges to other content islands, however, and they’re free to roam for hours, with new concepts to catch their attention and keep them engaged in your brand.

Modern marketing techniques make smart use of interlinking to hold customer interest. When your writer is given a prompt to link to a past post or two, it’s a nearly effortless benefit that snags you some amazing ROI.

Framing Your Brand As an Authority

No matter what product or service your company sells, customers want to buy from a business that makes them feel smart and empowered.

Content marketing services are the best way to make that happen!

From a simple glossary of commonly-used industry terms to advice on how to find a customized solution to their problem, content is the ideal way to position your brand as an authority.

Ordering white papers, how-to guides, multi-part posts, common facts and myths posts and more for your business will help you set up a healthy bulk of useful content to build on.

Interlink and signal potential customers that you know your proverbial stuff – and you’re happy to make sure they do as well.

Creating Your Voice

How does a business create an identity to their customers? For media-heavy companies, a commercial spokesperson might do the trick. For digitally-based companies, that effort can be a little trickier.

Content is so important to your brand voice – it’s what greets incoming customers, helps them make a decision, differentiates you from your competition, and turns one-time customers into loyal fans.

With only a few words and phrases, you can easily define what you’d like your company to represent – smooth and silky yogurt, for example, or tough and durable hiking gear.

This ability is exactly why content is so powerful at identifying brands – the words and phrases themselves evoke pleasant connections and memories, which the customer then comes to identify with your brand.

The best part is that that entire process happens organically, through simply reading your posts, articles or updates: no hard sell required!

Advertising becomes something of a byproduct when you order and implement well-written content.

Modern marketing techniques and the ever-watchful eye of Google are placing more and more emphasis on customer-first approaches like helpful and informative content.

Don’t end up scratching your head over ad campaigns that fall flat: start flexing your content muscles and supporting your business from every corner – not just your marketing needs.

Delany M is a talented member of the WriterAccess talent team. From creating marketing copy that engages, or white papers chock full of data that informs, Delaney continues to surprise and delight clients internationally.

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