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Best of Comedy Writer Blog Club: Learning from the Comedy Masters

We’re ringing in the new year with a look back on some of our favorite Comedy Writer Blog Club posts of 2018. What’s great about these posts is that they’re still fresh and funny in 2019! That means you can use their insights to make your marketing content more effective in the year ahead.

This roundup features learnings from the writers and comedians who have been using the written word (ok, sometimes the spoken word) to entertain and engage audiences for, in some cases, hundreds of years. Now that’s some comedic staying-power! Enough of our polite banter…let’s get going!

Content marketers comedic playwrights
What Content Marketers Can Learn From Comedic Playwrights

Studying Shakespeare, David Mamet, Suzanne Collins, Neil Simon and their counterparts can help sharpen your comedic content writing chops while providing a few well-constructed laughs along the way.

Content marketers stand up comics
What Content Marketers Can Learn From Stand-Up Comedians

While stealing the funniest jokes from your favorite stand-up routine will probably get you fired (are they really on brand?), you can take a cue from professional comedians about what it takes to get your audience engaged.

content marketers comedy screenwriters
What Content Marketers Can Learn From Comedy Screenwriters

Who doesn’t love sitting in front of the boob tube and enjoying some laughs? Comedy screenwriters know what it takes to connect with audiences and keep them engaged enough to fast-forward through commercials, so why wouldn’t you want to emulate their effectiveness in your marketing content writing?

hiring a blogger
Hiring a Blogger: Advice from Ernest Hemingway and More

Disclaimer: We’re not offering real blogging advice from Ernest Hemingway. But we’re pretty sure he’d approve of this post.

comedy minds
Finding Your Funny: Marketing Inspiration from Comedy’s Greatest Minds

Steve Martin, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Poehler, Bob Hope, Robin Williams…do we really have to keep listing them?! Laugh your way through this post already! 😉

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