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Best Holiday Grammar Gifts

I don’t know about you, but when I want to buy something for the holidays I hit up Etsy. Sure, Amazon has quick shipping, but what do you sacrifice in return? Let’s go for the homemade grammar guide for gift buying. See what you can find for your grammar friends and start making the most of your purchasing power.

Grammar Key Chain

Everybody loves a keychain especially when it’s sassy. “I am silently correcting your grammar” engraved key grammar chain sends just the right message. Made by MeriwetherOfMontana, this is a great gift for less than $10. Now, since you can’t just gift someone a grammar keychain consider what kind of fun items you can include with this gift selection.

Fill up a keychain with some random keys you can find used at the local second-hand stores along with some other bits and baubles. Etsy even has you covered. Check out the Birthstone Swarovski Crystal Charm by CoinCollectionShop. For $5 you can pick from all of the monthly birthday stone charms. Get your favorite colors or stack up several of the same colors just for your friend’s keychain accessory.

Sort of like those Pandora bracelets that you can get and add charms to. Then they are able to pick and choose which items they want to keep on their now-personalized grammar key chain and gift the rest to friends. You get to give something heartfelt, cool, and crafty.

I before e Weird Tee

Hilarious tees are not hard to find. However, picking out a teeshirt that is not like all of the others is a huge uphill climb. “i before e…Weird” is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Filling in the middle, “Except when your foreign neighbor Keith received eight counterfeit beige sleighs from feisty caffeinated weightlifters.”

Like I said, hilarious and very much holiday-friendly. Labeled as a grammar teacher shirt, this unisex design is available in XS to 3XL and in seven different colors. Choose from grays, heathers, maroons, and other natural hues. The navy, maroon, and heather olive are the top picks for the holidays.

Find More Grammar Gifts

As you continue your search for the best things to buy for those grammar guys and gals in your web content world, check out our helpful resource. Along with tips and news, we also have stuff like how to get creative with a content strategy on a budget. That way you have more money to spend on the items you need for work and life…and holiday gifting.


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