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Best Films to Watch to Improve That Grammar

Sometimes you want to learn about writing but you are all read out. It’s time to switch gears and get your grammar from a flick. A flick, you say? Yes, dear reader, let’s flick the switch or flick your magic wand in the air. ‘Tis the season! Grab some popcorn covered in nutritional yeast and everything bagel seasoning for some movies about grammar. Start with an educational site called Teach With Movies that does just that and then grab a few flick picks to try out for yourself.

Teach With Movies, Go!

The website Teach With Movies—let’s start there. When you get to the site look for English category films. This is where you’ll find those learning flicks geared around the English language but not just grammar and writing. Digging deeper into the site, I found “The Searchers.”

Start With “The Searchers”

This film is on the site’s list of the Best of Teach With Movies English Language Arts Classes. It’s also a John Wayne Western, which had me curious. However, according to the TWM Learning Guide, the film is an “exercise of writing skills and for the analysis of literary devices, such as the expository phase and character development.” Having not yet watched the film, I’m interested in how you develop writing skills from a Western, which is exciting!

Films to Avoid for Grammar Hounds

As I continued to dig I found some grammar sounding films you actually don’t want to watch:

  • “Boys Grammar” from 2005 is full of trigger warnings and not grammar related
  • “Intimate Grammar” which is from 2010 and has none of the triggers of “Boys Grammar” but is full of non-grammatical stuff and is not going to teach you English

Also, “Two Weeks Notice” comes up as the most recommended movie to watch on grammar according to Google. Not at all sure that this is accurate. However, I have also never watched “Two Weeks Notice,” so maybe you readers of this blog post can enlighten me.

Grammar Insight by WriterAccess Writers

For more grammar bites and exciting cookies like “Yes, You Are a Special Snowflake,” keep coming back to WriterAccess. We specialize in all things content and grammar with wordsmithing tricks to help you win the word war.


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