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Becoming a Pop Culture Vulture

"So what did you read on Buzzfeed today, Phil?"
“So what did you read on Buzzfeed today, Phil?”

People can’t get enough of their favorite celebrities. An endless stream of reality shows and pop culture websites offer plenty of evidence of this trend. Entertainment bloggers who cash in on this trend can boost the popularity of their blogs overnight.

Creating entertainment content should not be limited to parroting the stream of celebrity gossip found on countless other websites. Effective website content providers can go in better directions to put a creative spark in their online offerings.

Play with Themes and Characters

There’s no substitute for creativity in any blogging niche. Your audience will embrace your content if you can go beyond recycling the usual top five or top ten list topics that overwhelm over entertainment websites and blogs like an army of fire ants.

Playing with themes and characters from popular favorite movies, TV shows and comic books helps engage your audience on a fun level. You can create posts analyzing plot twists, character evolutions and other spoilers. Content offerings can range from humorous takes on a classic villain (like Darth Vader or Gollum) to proposing alternate plot threads and potential sequel ideas for a popular franchise like Terminator or Star Wars.

Do Q&A Interviews

People always enjoy learning how their favorite stories and characters are brought to life. You can play to this curiosity through doing interviews with people who work behind the scenes.

Publishing an interview in question-and-answer format can offer your audience a chance to get that insider’s look with their favorite movie or TV show. It does not need to be a lead actor or director. You can talk to a make-up artist, a visual effects supervisor or a film editor who works behind the camera to help create what an audience sees in front of it. These interviews can appeal to your audience because they can learn new things they might not find out elsewhere.

You can take it a step further and let some of these insiders contribute guest posts. They will relish the chance to share insights into their craft in their own words. It will also make it easier for you to produce original content your competitors can only dream about creating.

Profile Rising Stars

Do you know a local actor or singer who is a step away from a breakout performance? You can beat other entertainment blogs and websites to the punch by doing a profile on these rising stars.

Doing a profile on more established celebrities is a little more cumbersome because they will typically only talk to highly visible media outlets. A promising actor or singer, on the other hand, might be more inclined to do an interview because they will be happy to receive the exposure.

Targeting rising stars does a couple of things for you as an entertainment writer. It establishes your credentials as an entertainment insider. It also provides a source of compelling stories that will draw readers to check out your content in large numbers.

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