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Banking on Your Content Marketing Strategy: Pathways to Next Level Financial Copywriting

Banking on Content Marketing StrategyContent marketing for financial services has been typically marred by boring and laborious financial compliance content. With less flavor than a cardboard sandwich, the financial services sector has been commonly criticized for its lackluster content marketing performance. The lack of creativity can be partly attributed to the strict government regulations regarding promotions, which were designed to protect investors from abusive and misleading propositions. Regardless of the regulations, the most bankable content market strategies harness the skills of a financial copywriter to communicate the brand and tell its indigenous story. If you are banking on your financial copywriter to produce content worthy of attracting customers, the following four aspects must be included.

Financial Blogging Valuable Information

In the financial services sector, your financial blog must offer readers valuable information. The blog must effectively educate, entertain, engage, and enhance the lives of your audience. While the content is undeniably important, how the content is delivered is of equal importance. One great example of a financial blog providing significant value is with Credit Suisse’s digital publication, The Financialist. This digital magazine offers perspectives on breaking financial news, reports on changes, and offers insight on market trends. Through a combination of infographics, stories, and meticulously placed third-party content, The Financialist is a legitimate financial news publication instead of a simple blog.

Diversify Your Content Portfolio

When you are considering your content strategy, you should diversify your content portfolio beyond text. While text is great for many situations, podcasts or videos are ideal for offering a real education on more complex subjects. In addition, videos can be an essential means of separating yourself from your competition and establishing your brand as unique and innovative. For leading financial services firm Fidelity Investments, creating videos is a common way to feature its top managers and strategists discussing expectations and offering marketing analysis.

The Less Beaten Path

Change up the scenery and tone by taking a less beaten path and infusing your content with personality. Putnam Investments features a blog that is composed by one of its dynamic employees, which has effectively been positioned as the centerpiece of the content strategy. Through Putnam Investments’ The Retirement Savings Challenge blog, a human perspective and personality has been attached to the brand and made a more relatable connection with its customers.

Discover New Audiences on Social Media

As one of the true phenomena of this generation, social media hosts a plethora of customers waiting to be engaged. One strategy is to share the content produced by your financial copywriter on the various social networks with hopes it will be shared among users. While there are several ways to use content produced by a financial copywriter on social media, American Express provides the best example with its Amex Open Forum. This is a program created to assist small business owners with powerful resources and helpful insights. Through this forum, American Express was able to bolster monthly traffic and increase its small business network by thousands.

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