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Avoiding (or Remedying) Content Fatigue

dogYou want to produce enough content to have an impact on your market, but there is such a thing as producing so much content that your readers can’t even keep up. They get fatigued, they lose interest. Here are a few ways in which you can keep your readers from feeling overwhelmed by a deluge of content, and how you can salvage the situation if you’re already sitting on a little too much content:

Break Up the Brand

We don’t really have an ideal customer, we have ideal customers. If your key demographic is, say, men between the ages of 18-25, well, that’s actually a pretty diverse group. Some of them are just entering college, some of them are graduating, some of them aren’t going to college at all. Some of them are rich, some poor, some of them may live in the city, others in rural areas and so on. Creating content specifically catered to every sub-demographic within your core demographic not only allows you to expand your reach, it allows you to be a little more intimate with every reader. “Women” is a big group. “Men” is a big group. “25-30” is a big group. But, there are smaller groups within these groups, and they’ll appreciate your specific approach to developing content, while ignoring the content that was written with someone else in mind.

Spend Your Budget Elsewhere

If you have the marketing budget for it, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking “Now I can afford to hire more blog content writers and produce twice as many articles a week!” Sure, you could do that, or you could give your writers raises so that they’ll have more time to devote to your needs. Or you could buy a little more ad space and improve your reach. Or you could expand into print and radio advertising. Quantity isn’t the goal. The goal is to hit people with content that matters to them. Better to spend your budget getting one article to ten people than ten articles to one person.

Make Your Content Skimmable

What’s really exhausting us — the fact that there are so many blog posts on your site, or the fact that they’re such a chore to read? Add pictures, sub-headers and bullet points to your content and you’ll find that people will be much more willing to at least scan every piece. Oftentimes, the issue isn’t really that you have too much content, just that it feels like too much content.

Writer Bio: Gilbert S is a writer and artist who lives with his wife and his dog, Sir Kay, in rural New Mexico.

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