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Auto Writers Shift Sales into Motion

Hire an Auto WriterAccelerate the sales of your dealership from neutral into overdrive by hosting vehicle descriptions on your website. While getting your sales staff to produce this content is an option, the best solution is to utilize the creative skills of auto writers. Auto writers can be anyone, but are often former car sales or dealership professionals, car enthusiasts, or those with arduous automotive writing experience. Because of their experience and passion in the auto industry, using vehicle descriptions composed by automotive writers can shift your dealership’s sales in motion.

Automotive Websites

Considering 97% of all consumers use online media to shop locally, consumers will research practically any product before they decide to purchase. In the case of automotive purchases, consumers resort to major automotive websites like Edumunds, Cars,, and a host of others expecting an unbiased vehicular analysis. While these sites offer a true value added to any automotive dealer, everything has its downsides.

Since these sites are generally free for consumers to browse, they make money by selling geo-targeted advertisements or advertisements for your closest competition. For instance, as your potential customer researches on, they will be bombarded by advertisements from the other Nissan dealer 20 miles away. As a result, you may be losing more business than you know.

Another disadvantage of relying on a general automotive website is the inconvenience of your customer having to visit another website for information. Even though consumers are willing to conduct research, they do so by taking the path of the least resistance.

Less Is More

The fewer steps your customer has to take to make the purchase and the less noise they hear, the more likely the consumer is to make the purchase from your dealership. To shorten your customer’s path and mute the competition, remove the middleman and offer well-written and unbiased research on the dealership’s website. In addition, you could offer a vehicle side-by-side competitive analysis, which will prevent potential customers from venturing to another website to shop for a different model. The goal is for your audience to hear your message directly and clearly without any interference from your competitor’s advertisements. Simply put, the less your customer has to do, hear, and see, the more vehicles your dealership will sell.

Vehicle Description

Auto writers are masters at presenting the features and, most importantly, the benefits of a vehicle in a description. While there is no common rule for what is included in a vehicle description, the best descriptions cover varying depths of the interior, exterior, performance, and safety features of the vehicle. In addition, most vehicle descriptions include information about the vehicle’s standard equipment, optional equipment, and any advanced technology features. As a bonus, auto writers are sure to compose keyword rich text featuring several variations of the vehicle’s year, make, and model.

Competitive Analysis

Automotive writers also produce vehicular competitive analysis in the most unbiased way possible. At first thought, the best practice would seem to be to praise one vehicle while slamming the other. In reality, automotive writers methodically provide pros and cons of both vehicles with the dealership’s vehicle winning in the end.

Checkered Flag

Undoubtedly, major automotive websites are amazing tools. However, these sites should only provide your consumers with supplemental information. As their primary source of research information, your website should offer every piece of information your customer’s will need confidently make the purchase.

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