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Ask the CEO: A Preview of Content Strategy at WriterAccess


WriterAccess tailors content creation, editing, and translations services and experiences to the buyer.

This stand-out aspect is one of the many reasons our community continues to grow exponentially each year, but resting on our powerful writing laurels wasn’t an option for our company leader Byron White.

The next step in evolving popular offerings comes as fantastic news to clients struggling to create a well documented Marketing strategy (the aim of more marketers than ever!)

The Ask the CEO Content Strategy Preview podcast outlines our new content strategy products; the Keyword Map, Customer Journey, and Buyer Persona.

Greater Complexity, Bigger Opportunities

In pursuit of a better customer experience, Byron considered what WriterAccess had offered customers years ago, as a full-service content marketing agency.

He realized there were 4 tools that could fill the gap between then and now, and each neatly fit under the umbrella of content strategy: a customer journey map, a creative brief, buyer persona(s) and a keyword map.

With such a massive community of results-driven writers already at hand, Byron considered, why not tap into that latent potential and put out the call for experts here too?

Developing additional connection and communication tools – an intuitive new smartphone app went hand-in-hand with the overall goal. Making WriterAccess the industry leader in content strategy and implementation for both talent and clients.

What to Expect: Content Strategy in 2017

Much like the writer certification process, individuals that would like to become content strategists for WriterAccess will need to take a test to prove their ability.

Along with the course is a resource that can be used as a “study guide” to make the process even smoother: the Content Strategy Blueprint.

This ebook is available for download January 31st and will cover the basics of content strategy. Helping potential applicants get “game ready,” as well as giving potential clients a background in what content strategy has to offer.

The Content Strategy Blueprint joins the library of other WriterAccess-produced books that have coaxed new clients and talent in for the last several years.

Once the test is successfully passed, new strategists of all levels can expect a generous fixed pay scale for services, which will offer talent the 70/30 split already familiar to the site’s writers.

Additionally, much like the writing side of the business, strategists will showcase their skills through their profiles and on-site portfolios. Matching up with clients in need and kicking off with a phone call to start off on the “write” foot.

A Familiar Face in a Sea of Marketers

The process and implementation of content strategy services is echoed from the writing side of the business, but that won’t be the only “MVP” in the game as the business grows.

SpyFu, an industry-leading suite of keyword research and strategy solutions, is also on board for this new venture.

WriterAccess community members may recognize the company from their presentations at the Content Marketing Conferences of 2015 and 2016.

They’ll also be appearing in this year’s CMC, which has moved to WriterAccess’ native Boston on April 11th-13th in 2017.

This industry leading research partner will ensure that content strategists have exactly what they need to deliver results, every time.

The availability of content strategy products is an exciting leap forward for WriterAccess. A snapshot of the kind of innovative growth that has made us a 3-time inclusion on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing U.S. Private Companies.

Even in the uncertain world of SEO and branding in 2017, one thing is certain. As strategists and clients alike line up to explore this new service offering, the future has never looked brighter for this content service provider.

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