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Are You Ready to be a Freelancer Who Sets Your Own Rates?

Ready to create your worth? Business owners know the value of their employees, or they should know the value of those who work for them. If you sign onto a project as an employee, you’re subject to whatever hourly rate they’re willing to pay, plus any health insurance benefits, if that. But what about freelancing? Can you make more money and earn an actual living as a full-time freelancer? We’re about to find out.

Creating Your Worth

Upping the value of your position as a freelancer takes a series of steps. It’s easy and attractive to want to set your rates high right out of the gate, however If your experience doesn’t add up to what you’re charging clients, better take a step back.

A level of expertise as a freelancer involves the following:

  • Hard-earned sweat work – Metaphorically, digging deep into your role as a freelancer requires a day in and day out process of  networking. Whether you sign on with a recruiter, or you go about it solo, the rewards may take some time. Sitting back and waiting for jobs to appear out of the blue sky are a pipedream, therefore you have to go get what you want, and it takes hard work.
  • Start low and aim high – Writers understand this concept all too well. Oftentimes, a freelance writer has to go through a series of smaller projects before landing the big kahuna. If a freelancer knows their worth and has the years of experience to show for it on a polished portfolio, their rate can rise considerably. Again, it’s a matter of patience and timing.
  • Charging per hour or per project – Setting your rate from the get-go depends on your strategy as a freelancer. If you’ve meticulously outlined your goals for success, factor in your proposed worth based on what you offer and what the market will bear, charging a fee either per hour or per project is very popular in any field. Agreeing to a contract might factor into this role as well, depending on the client or business.
  • Should you include cost-of-living expenses? – Freelancers who are either full-time remote workers or onsite contract workers, might want to consider how much they travel to their job, what type of equipment you need to be a success at your freelancing, and whether or not other expenses related to the position come into play. A freelance person needs to be able to survive in their chosen field, their chosen city, and their chosen lifestyle. That being said, any per hour rate or per project rate can absolutely include cost of living expenses.

Your Dream Job

When you’ve set aside the energy to challenge yourself in the freelance marketplace the success you desire can become more than what you’ve imagined. A dream job is something we all strive for, and creating the right circumstances around your position doesn’t take more than showing up with integrity.

Dream jobs are happenstance. If you’re working in a nine to five scenario, and your thoughts are constantly trailing off to somewhere else whereby you’re the boss of your own gig, it could be time to take the plunge. There’s always a need for some type of consumer good or service in today’s modern world.

Check out the Better Business Bureau and investigate your competitors. Learn from them. Take a book out of their successful page and make it your own. Or better yet, put the word out via social media that you’re interested in starting a freelance business and if anyone has sincere tips or advice for you, you’d welcome their input. Chances are people love to help others; it could be they’ve never known your desire to work at your dream job.

Once it’s made known and you’re on a roll, figuring out what to charge for your service requires diligence and research. Do a little soul searching too. If you know in your heart that what you’re about to offer as a freelancer, test the waters first and see if you get any new client bites on your job. They tend to want to know more, so make yourself appealing and interesting, and different.

The Last Step

You’re ready to dive in as a freelancer in the gig economy and you know wholeheartedly that what you offer will be of benefit. That’s success the best step right there. Communicate your desires to clients. Give them reasons to pay the rates you set for yourself. It’s exciting to watch how people want to buy your service based on YOU.

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Gerry Ellen A has been writing professionally since 1995. Her achievements include being a columnist for a prominent magazine called elephant journal, authoring three published books available on Amazon, contributing content to numerous online publications, blogging for the healthcare industry, and freelancing for clients in digital marketing. As an expert copywriter, Gerry Ellen is proficient in white pages, email campaigns, press releases, blogs, all website content, templates, and client consultations.

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