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Are You a Shopping Expert? Write About It

If you love the mall, can spot a sale a mile away and enjoy buying current trends, you might be a shopping expert. Why not get paid to write about your passion?

Many businesses want to hire shopping bloggers. They’re looking for an experienced writer who can engage an audience, describe products with accuracy and enthusiasm, and promote their business. Use your experience and abilities to market your abilities as a writer in the shopping industry.

How to Start a Shopping Blogger Career. 

Before typing one word, choose a niche. Maybe you love clothing or perhaps couponing is more your style. Find the niche that matches your interests, skills, training, experience and passion.

Now you’re ready to start a blog. Use it to share the latest deals, industry news, current trends and money saving tips with your readers.

You’ll also want to comment on shopping blogs. Your comments attract traffic to your blog and website. Additionally, you build your reputation as a shopping expert when you post comments that are thoughtful, helpful and relevant.

As you write, remember your friends: the AP style guide and the dictionary. Your work must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors if you want to grow your business. Hone your writing skills by joining a writing critique group, or start writing for an online content site where you’ll receive feedback and support from other writers and editors.

Next, expand your business from online to in person. Present your sales pitch to local businesses looking to hire a shopping blogger. Often, they need affordable ways to market their products. You can use your shopping expertise to write product reviews, sales copy or blogs about the company. They receive valuable social media content, and you receive a paycheck and samples for your portfolio.

Gain invaluable experience locally and online, then branch out to national companies. Market yourself on content sites, freelance writing sites and Craigslist.

As a shopping blogger, you can indulge your passion as you pursue your career. With your chosen niche, start a blog and begin establishing yourself as a shopping expert. Connect with clients and businesses looking to hire Shopping bloggers and then pursue a career that indulges your passion.

Jennifer T is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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