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April Roundup: Content Strategies for College Students, Tech, Tax and Medical Professionals

April was a fruitful month with a diverse array of blogs and podcasts from all corners of the content marketing sphere. Trends in various industries , strategies catering to specific niches, and so much more have been covered by our talented team of writers and influencers. This month, you can learn how you to offer content for stressed out college students and their neurotic parents, learn what harried tax professionals and doctors are looking for in their content marketing needs, discover tech content strategies and enterprise software, or see what a panda, a penguin, and a hummingbird can teach you to avoid “nontent.”

Is Your Company a SYSTEM OF RECORD? by Byron White

Rachel P is a 5-Star writer at WriterAccess

The CEO of WriterAccess explains what software as a service (SaaS) and systems of record (SOR) entail for enterprises of all sizes. Cloud-based platforms such as WriterAccess that connect tens of thousands of clients, writers, editors, translators, and other professionals have potential to become an SOR based on the quality of service, company culture, and internal infrastructure. Byron hopes to see WriterAccess receive an SOR trophy!

Business leadership starts with an attitude that business betterment needs to happen all the time. And that goes way beyond the software solution.

Helping the Self-Helper by Ray S.

Self-help is a $10 billion industry that interestingly has many loyal followers: repeat readers and buyers crave up-to-date self-help content and avail themselves of self-help organizations  wanting new versions of the same encouraging or comforting mantras, despite naysayers claiming this is so because it didn’t work the first time.

Just because someone learns to drive a car does not mean that the vehicle no longer needs regular servicing and maintenance.

Rohit Bhargava on the Non-Obvious by Holly S.

In this podcast, the founder of Influential Marketing Group, Rohit Bhargava, discusses his outlook on the future of content marketing and how marketing professionals can take advantage of these trends. As a “trend curator”, Rohit annually publishes a list of 15 trends in his Non-Obvious Trend Report based on meticulous observation and analysis.

When you take a message that is so perfectly oblivious to what people are thinking now, it demonstrates how out-of-touch you are. The danger of this from a communication point of view is that people say, “If you don’t understand this, why should I do business with you?”

Why Do Freelance Writers Love WriterAccess? by Greg Hunt

86% of the writers at WriterAccess rated themselves happy or very happy. Most writers simply want to write and not spend precious resources on marketing themselves and looking for clients, and WriterAccess connects them to the clients and does the heavy lifting for them all while providing unparalleled support.

Our writers are happy with their clients, their work and their experience at WriterAccess.

Writing Content That Engages Nonprofit Supporters by Debra M.

In order to get donors or volunteers, nonprofits must employ storytelling, relevant statistics, and being able to illustrate the great deeds the organization has done for its cause. Engaging content that demonstrates these things both shows and tells donors where their money is going which helps make an emotional appeal upon seeing the impact that their donation can have.

You want them to know what your organization has been doing to fulfill its mission and help your constituents, and you need them to help you achieve more.

How Great Physician Website Content Can Change Lives by Joanne W.

Physician website content isn’t just meant to compel potential patients to make appointments: it can actually save lives or help someone who is suffering from a painful condition. Doctors’ websites need easy-to-understand information on innovative treatments, seasonally and/or locally relevant information about outbreaks and illnesses, and any interesting, helpful, debunking, or entertaining medical facts that help foster trust and familiarity between the doctor and patient.

Great physician website content saves and changes lives.  It is the cornerstone of practice building and patient retention in today’s very competitive climate.


How a Panda, a Penguin and a Hummingbird Influence Content Optimization by Chris D.

Billions of pieces of content are created and curated ever day, but they get filtered through search engines and social media for better or worse: is your content a penguin, panda, or hummingbird? Content needs to be optimized but also humanized in order to have an impact and take into account the ways that people find it.

…lower ad costs, better customer engagement, and actually beginning to realize the Internet version of the American Dream that talks about some kind of globalization and freedom of commerce before demanding some more AdWords campaign money.

Mish Slade: May I Have Your Attention, Please? by Alethea M.

In this podcast, author Mish Slade discusses her book May I Have Your Attention Please?, a guide to how strong business writing helps draw prospects in and increase your conversion rate. She believes that finding a niche with a very targeted audience is more effective than trying to appeal to an entire industry, and focusing on that niche will prevent your content marketing efforts from falling flat.

Mish realizes that most companies struggle to find content related to but not simply focused on the products they offer. She stresses the importance of writing from a unique perspective and really capturing why you do something, rather than how you do it or what you do.

Medical Marketing Strategies: Creating Compelling Health-Related Content by Colleen D.

Pexels /

Health-related content isn’t just for doctors and other medical professionals: everyone from holistic health coaches to yoga teachers need to have compelling content on their websites that serves as an extension of their practices or lifestyles. 77% of people desiring answers to health-related questions will look online first whether they need a doctor or a nutritionist, and keywords must take a backseat to providing quality content that offers up-to-date information on health conditions and illnesses that doesn’t serve as mere advertising.

Posting frequent, informative and non-sales-oriented blog content created by professional writers with expertise in the field, that includes helpful links, current news, or health-supporting apps, is a good way to achieve that balance, and it has the added benefit of boosting your search engine ranking.

Creating Content for Prospective College Students—And Their Crazed Parents by Jacqueline H.

Going off to college is one of the first major decisions most teens make in that transition to adulthood. Because parents play a significant role in making that decision and helping their children with applying and paying for college, it’s crucial to have content for both the student’s and parent’s perspectives that covers the nuts and bolts of standardized testing, application essays, how to compare schools, and even if the student is ready for college yet.

Content creators should realize they are not only writing for students, they are writing for parents.

5 Best Practices for High Tech Content by Patricia B.

Technology drives the world today and every end user needs to know how to use it. When offering tech-based services or describing technical products, your content must be appropriate to the audience so you’re not oversimplifying software for an IT manager but can concisely explain a firewall to a user who is not very tech-savvy.

Even though your audience is high-tech, your writing should be more generalized to suit an audience of varying technical levels.

How to Create Content That Tax Professionals and Their Clients Care About by Rachel P.

Tax professionals face unique challenges when it comes to online content because they face two distinct audiences: their peers and their clients. Tax law is rife with repetitive and confusing language, and is frequently as entertaining as watching the director of the IRS clip his toenails, but it is possible to have engaging tax content meant to serve tax offices or people in the market for a tax professional.

It’s okay to sound eloquent: just not dry, clinical, or like you copypasta’d from a Tax Court proceeding.

Stepping Back to Move Forward with Social Media Marketing Strategies by Cindy D.

In this podcast, author Keith Quesenberry discusses his book Social Media Strategy: Marketing and Advertising in the Consumer Revolution and how social media marketing is a whole other animal compared to traditional media marketing. Social media channels can and should be used in myriad ways, not just to share content!

Success isn’t going to be judged on the number of followers on Facebook.

Keep up with the exciting and fast-moving content marketing world with the WriterAccess blog, and check out our incredible writers for hire today!

5-Star writer Rachel P is an indie game developer, writer, and consultant. An experienced entrepreneurship writer, her blog/consulting business is tailored to professional development for indie developers and other creative professionals.

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