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Anne G. Talks Celebrity Guest Posters


Recently, Anne G. from Hagerstown, MD featured a guest post by celebrity author Jameson Parker on her personal blog. WA asked her to share a bit about the experience.

Q. How did you first come across Jameson Parker’s work? What made you interested in him?

A. I ran across Jameson Parker’s blog, Barking Backward, randomly one day as I was procrastinating instead of working. One moment, I was absentmindedly web-surfing and, the next, I was reading this amazingly well-written blog. I don’t remember exactly which post it was that I found that day, but I remember being hooked from the first paragraph. It might have been the flashback post about Karen Allen singing “What a Fool Believes” as she sat in makeup on a movie set, back in the late 1970s. I’ve always liked Karen Allen. And when you read a blog post written by Jameson Parker, you’re instantly transported to that great wherever. It was like being right there on the set of “A Small Circle of Friends.”

Regardless, I remember getting sucked in and just clicking from post to post for hours. And then I discovered that he had written several books — the latest being the western/romance/thriller, “Changing Earth, Changing Sky.” It’s amazing. Everyone should read it.

Q. What made you think Jameson would be a good choice to guest post on your blog?

A. He would be a wonderful choice to write a guest post for any blog, but I was hopeful because he’s a freelance writer and my blog is written to the joys and tribulations of life as a freelancer. Also, I wanted to feature a writer success story so my readers could see that light at the end of the Ramen Noodles.

Q. How did you go about asking Jameson to post? How would you advise other bloggers on requesting guest posts?

A. I sent him a message on Facebook, and he responded the next day. My advice is simply this: If someone is kind enough to write a guest post for your blog, be respectful of his time and include links to his work. And remember to say “thank you.” “Please” and “thank you” and being willing to share the work of fellow writers will take you far in freelancing — and in life, for that matter.

Q. How did you respond when Jameson said yes? How did you keep your cool?

A. I’m pretty sure I walked around grinning stupidly for at least a day or two. Yep, I did. There was no keeping cool involved. And he didn’t just say yes, I think his words were, “I’d be delighted.” In fact, I’m still grinning writing this. I may never stop.

Q. Do you have any big plans for your blog, now that it’s attracted celebrity guest posters? Will you be asking more authors to post in the future?

A. I don’t think it’s so much that my blog attracted a celebrity poster as it is that Mr. Parker is an exceptionally kind person. I’m sure many other successful writers would have either turned down my request or simply not responded.

I do have big plans for my blog in the future, and they do involve including a guest post now and then — not so much because a writer is a celebrity, but because his work makes the world a more eloquent, or more hilarious, or more captivating place to visit.

Thanks Anne! Check out our blog every Wednesday for a new interview with one of our super talented and always interesting WriterAccess writers!

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