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Anchor’s Away! – What You Need to Know About Anchor Text


SEO consists of many different elements including, keyword selection, inbound linking, outbound linking. However, one aspect of optimizing your content for search engines brings all of these elements together—anchor text.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the clickable text link within the content. When a visitor clicks on the link they are taken to another page. Anchor text is used as a call to action for sales websites, and it can also be used as a way to give credit to sources. Additionally, anchor text is used in link building on off-site content. Back in the “olden days”, there wasn’t much thought given to anchor text. You’d commonly see content sprinkled with Click HERE for more information and the word “HERE” was the link. While this serves as a link, it wasn’t doing much for SEO.

The Importance of Anchor Text for SEO

One “test” the search engines run to determine if a link is valuable and should be considered as a ranking factor is the anchor text. That’s why a link using anchor text should use relevant search terms—related to the destination. It’s important to remember that every link in your content should serve a purpose. If you don’t want search engines to “see” the links you include, make them No Follow links—then Google, Bing and the other major engines will not utilize these links as they calculate inbound links for a website. This can be especially useful if you use a competitor as a source. After all, you want to reference them properly, but you don’t want to help the competitor’s link building efforts!

A Simple Guide to Creating Anchors

If you wanted to create a link to your ad writer service, you might make your anchor text something like “hire an ad writer” and make the entire phrase a clickable link. This would be far superior to the old “click HERE to email our ad writing team.” Another important thing to remember is that you do not want to use the same anchor text multiple times on the same page. This can appear to the search engine algorithm that you are trying to manipulate the system. Use a bit of creativity and try something new.

Link building and SEO can be a complex matter. However, anchor text is rather simple, once you understand the basics. Just put the same effort into your links as you do to your keyword building, and you are sure to be pleased with the results.


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