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Addvocate: A Program That Makes Employees Brand Advocates on Social Media


Imagine the incredible reach your company could have if all your employees used social media to strengthen its reputation and brand. Several high-profile enterprises are already transforming their employees into brand advocates in a new trend known as employee advocacy programs. One such employee advocacy program, Addvocate, helps your employees create and share content flattering to your company, and helps you measure the amount of social sharing your employees create.

Social employee advocacy, sometimes known as employee advocacy or employee advocacy programs, unleash the power of social media to attract interested customers to your company. These programs virtually transform your employee pool into a merry little band of copywriter services.

Addvocate was one of the first employee advocacy programs to enter the market, having already gathered more than 500 clients by the end of 2012. At the end of the next year, Addvocate had attracted high profile companies including ExactTarget, VerticalResponse, UBM, WCG, VCE, MindJet, and BazaarVoice, according to Business Wire.

How Does Addvocate Work?

Suppose you are the CEO of a major company and you want to promote an upcoming event but you are not sure how. You could send emails out but, as the CEO, you are afraid that would look cheesy.

With employee advocacy programs like Addvocate, you would simply go to the event page on your website and click on the program icon at the top of your browser. The program will automatically grab the title of the page and the URL. You simply edit the text so it sounds natural, then add notes to your workers.

Your employees send a confirmation when they receive the promotional content. They can then edit the content to fit their own voice and share the information with others on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Developing an employee advocacy program is the best way to suggest content for workers to share. A well-established platform helps employees feel good about the content they share while, at the same time, building brand recognition and reputation. Employees will share more frequently when they feel confident that the material they are sharing is appropriate and enjoyable.

Companies benefit from employee advocacy programs in increased website activity, brand recognition, and sales. Furthermore, these programs allow managers to detect discussions about the brand, join in the conversation, figure out which employees are promoting their brand, then reward workers for their efforts on social media. These programs foster a sense of community, empower that community’s voice, and track the strongest social voices of your company.

The employee advocacy program, Addvocate, allows employees to create, share, and promote content about their companies on social media sites. Turn your workforce into social media powerhouses by giving them a way to share content that builds the brand and reputation of your company.

Lynn H is a business owner, webmaster and freelance copywriter who is always on the hunt for the next big thing in social media and business technology.

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