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Addicted to Content Marketing for Treatment Centers


In 2012, the cost of Google AdWords Advertising increased an astonishing 70% in the drug rehab business. With Google having clear expectations for an increase in drug rehab marketing spending, marketing for treatment centers is alive and thriving. However, if your drug treatment facility website isn’t generating high quality leads through content marketing, it’s well past time you find a drug addiction marketing writer. An experienced writer will be able to help your treatment facility create lucrative content for each part of your content marketing campaign.

Landing Page

The landing page is the first web page a visitor lands on after clicking an AdWords link or other link advertising the rehab center. Unlike any other page, the landing page must be free of clutter and have one ultimate goal, which is to funnel the visitor toward being converted into a lead. It is imperative the landing page have no distractions and provide the visitor with the addiction treatment information they desire. Since the success of the landing page depends on the quality of information, a drug rehab marketing writer is an unparalleled factor in the creation of the landing page.


The call-to-action is a button, banner, or other actionable graphic on the landing page meant to prompt the user to click to continue through the funnel of conversion.

Lead Capture Form

Once the visitor of your drug treatment center landing page clicks the call-to-action, the form or lead capture form is what they must complete to receive the promotional offer. Make sure the form is concise and only asks for the required information.

Promotional Offer

The promotional offer is the object of value you offer the visitor in exchange for their information. Simply put, your offer must be attractive and something the visitor would genuinely benefit from. One of the most valuable promotional offers in drug addiction marketing is information. A marketing writer with drug addiction treatment experience is an invaluable component in the creation of your promotional offer. Examples of lucrative drug treatment promotional offers are listed below.

  • Drug treatment center newsletters
  • eBooks on “What is Addiction,” “What is the Treatment Process,” “What to Expect When Your Loved One Returns from Treatment,” etc.
  • White papers on the newest and most innovative treatments in the industry
  • Articles covering subjects such as “What To Expect When Your Loved One Returns from Treatment” or “What Can We Do to Help Prevent Relapse.”

Simply put, the list of valuable information your drug rehab marketing writer can produce is practically endless. In addition, your writer can effectively assist in the creation of a treatment center blog, website copy, and several other areas. However, only a marketing writer with experience in drug addiction treatment will be able to effectively develop and implement this type of literature.

With experience working with one of the nation’s top treatment facilities, Elliott C has gained a wealth of experience about the needs of drug rehab centers. He looks to utilize his expertise in creating lucrative content to help other facilities combat the deadly disease of addiction.

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