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Acting Like Superman When You Feel Like Clark Kent

supermanClark Kent is probably an excellent writer; he is a journalist after all. He’s also meek, quiet, and slightly awkward. He easily blends into the crowd. On the other hand, Superman is all personality. He never blends in with anyone. Instead, he is standing on top of a skyscraper with his hands on his hips and his cape flowing. If the two apply for the same freelance writing job, The Man of Steel is going to get it every time.  But, why?  Surely the gig should go to Clark Kent since he is the one with veritable experience at The Daily Planet.

Clark Kent and Superman are the same man, separated by a costume. Instead of just tights and a cape, that costume is made of confidence. When Clark rips open his shirt to reveal that bold letter S, he also strips away hesitancy and takes on courage and tenacity.

To land freelance writing jobs for beginners you need to act like Superman, even when you feel like Clark Kent.  You have to exude confidence in every pitch and profile, even if it is just a costume

Speak up

Freelancers that feel comfortable writing about everything from health care to technology are sometimes hesitant to pen their experiences and talents. Clients can’t gauge your qualifications unless you express them. Sing your accomplishments in full detail, including specifics whenever possible. If you’ve written 200 articles within an industry, received positive reviews, earned a certification and taken classes on a relevant topic, speak up and say so in each profile and pitch.

Banish uncertainty

Wishy-washy words have no place in pitches, profiles and query letters. Clients want to feel certain of your ability so you must assure them. Replace “I hope” with “I will.” Strike “I could” and opt for “I plan.” End each communication with a positive phrase such as “I look forward to starting this project.”  This approach tells clients that you assume you will get the job, and makes them more likely to give it to you.

Create positives

Make pitches sound confident and impressive by stating facts in the most positive light without exaggerating. Eliminate anything that a client might think is negative. Mentioning that you are a part-time writer may make clients worry that you won’t have time to complete their work. Instead, simply state that you are a freelance writer. It’s true!  Rather than fessing up that you have only produced a handful of pieces in a given industry, state that you are an experienced writer and explain your history in any other relevant fields.

Don’t over sell

There’s a fine line between confidence and over promising. Superman stands tall and proud because he has already saved Metropolis several times and knows he can do it again. Overstating your expertise or committing to too many pieces without a time frame and then failing to deliver will likely mean never working with the client again. Instead of misrepresenting yourself, feel confident in your skills and present them fearlessly.

Writer Bio: Michelle S is a full-time freelance writer focusing on the nonprofit, fashion, and travel industries. She also prefers Wonder Woman to Superman.

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Freelancer Michelle S

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