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A Writer’s Guide to Working with Cats

catsAs a freelance writer for hire, you may not have “co-workers” per se, but you may have a few companions during your workday. There is a lot that can be said for building a network of other writers, online or off and getting out in your community and writing in coffee shops and cafes. However, there is one particular writer’s companion that requires special mention—the cat.

Also known as the Felus Catus, or the feline, the cat has long been a companion to the writer. However, getting along with these four-legged beasts, without losing your writing mojo can be a challenge. Here are five important things that you will want to keep in mind if you share your office with Mr. Fuzzybritches, Esq. or one of his fine, furry friends.

  • Cats are not accurate typists, but they try hard. Prepare yourself for some less-than-readable texts to edit. Along the same line, sometimes the cat may wish to edit your work. “Mnnbnesl;;;;;;” is grammatically correct in cat language.
  • Some days, you may find that your office mate is moody. On those days, cat might decide that sitting under the desk and occasionally swatting at your ankles is to be expected. Try to be patient.
  • Although cats do not like donuts, coffee or breakfast burritos, they will want to taste—prepare for a sampling session during break times to keep your feline co-worker satisfied.
  • The cat may not like items sitting on flat surfaces. Do not be alarmed if papers, books and glasses of water are pushed to the ground, seemingly with no purpose. This may cause you a little extra work, but it is important to the mental well-being of your catty office mate.
  • Your furry co-worker may prescribe to the recommendation to take a mid-day siesta. Do not be alarmed. Chances are, his or her workload is a bit lighter than yours, so a nap is not going to affect overall productivity.

As you can see, the cat can bring some unexpected challenges to your workday. However, when your lap is full of fur and you hear a sweet purr to help jar you out of a particularly bad bout of writer’s block, it is worth all of the effort. Learn more about your cat—and get inspired by Tigger, Fluffy or Jack. After all, writers and cats just seem to be the perfect pairing of creative and unique souls.

Writer Bio: In addition to writing full-time and keeping up with the latest trends in content marketing, Tracy S is a champion cat wrangler, amateur pool player, wife, mother and working her way through the Couch to 5k program.

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