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A Love-Hate Relationship With Mobile Devices: 4 Apps to Improve Your Workday

phoneWelcome to Writer Rants–where every Friday a writer just lets loose on whatever the heck is bugging them this week. Enjoy.


Ah, the mobile device. Addictive cause for shortened attention spans and bane of mothers everywhere.

Smartphones and tablets today can be a great help or a great hindrance. While you are busy working as a freelancer, you probably find yourself checking Facebook or looking up a rabbithole idea on Google only to stop and think, What am I doing?

Quality Time

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In fact, as your phone sits next to you all day and even sits next to your bed all night, you may not even realize how much time is sucked into your device. I challenge you freelancer to freelancer to download the Quality Time app and see how you do. Quality Time breaks down your phone usage by app, creating a nifty little charts that help you visually see where your time is being sucked from your day by your device. Perhaps you will see work-related emails are taking up your time (good!), or you might realize how much time you put into stalking your ex on social media (bad). Quality Time even tells you what points in the day you spent the most time on your device. Was it during your lunch break or while you were driving to pick up the kids? And then (my favorite) Quality Time will also allow you to “take a break” where you can lock your phone for a set amount of minutes – or seconds, for you really-phone-dependent types.


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But, as a freelancer, there is simply no way to avoid having a device attached to my hip. I have to be on call for picking up assignments, answering client questions, completing revisions and submitting content. Certain apps can be very helpful towards content writing. I appreciate a simple app on my phone or tablet that allows me to write notes, create documents and keep track of content. Evernote allows you to doodle or type, saving documents, photos and articles within the app.


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If you are bad with faces and names (like me), then you might find it invaluable to store your contacts in a different way. Humin helps you remember where you met, what interests you share or small details about your contacts. You can even use these details to search for specific contacts, helping you find someone even when you don’t remember his or her name.


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Did you know that exercise actually boosts your mood and helps you focus throughout your day? When you are working hard all day and into the night with the task of a freelancer, you realize that “flexible hours” often means you are able to take work round-the-clock…so maybe you do. Fitting in a workout between family, friends and work is nearly impossible.

I love SWORKIT Lite because you can choose your exercise type (strength, Yoga, Pilates or a mixture) and your time (even as short as 5 minutes!). You can fit micro workouts into a packed day, following the simple animated instructor on your phone. SWORKIT Lite will even give you little nudges each day with a reminder during the times you normally work out.

I have a love-hate relationship with my phone that is mostly turning to love as I find new ways it can enhance my freelance work life. It’s getting impossible to work efficiently without it — something I discovered after it flew off the roof of my car and was never to be found again (another rant for another time on what kids do to your brain cells). So, what are you doing right with your device? Do you have a favorite app?

Writer Bio: Alethea M is a corporate blogging guru and freelance writer for WriterAccess. She loves pulling out interesting facts from article research to impress friends at dinner parties.

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