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How We Attract the Best Freelance Writers (and Keep Them, Too)

Working with freelancers can be both rewarding and challenging.

Since our debut in the freelance world, we’ve been cultivating good relationships with our writers so that they can fulfill our clients’ expectations. When we find wonderful and reliable freelance writers, we cling to them as if they were precious gems.

But how do we attract the best writers in the freelance market? By employing an efficient reward and algorithm system.

Appealing to the best writers starts by paying them attractive rates. Our margins are fully transparent: 70% of the profit goes to the writer, and 30% goes to us.

Consistent good work from our writers is rewarded with an increase in their “star level” (the higher the star level, the more experienced and highly regarded a writer is). Writers can improve their rating by completing orders successfully, receiving positive ratings from clients and editors and responding to casting calls. The best part? A higher star level means better pay.

These methods are useful in attracting the best freelance writers, but giving them the tools they need to improve their skills ensures that we maintain them, too. Our writers have access to on-demand podcasts, webinars, and certification programs to help them advance their careers.

We also understand that freelancers often have other engagements. Therefore, we offer a flexible schedule where writers work when they please, picking up gigs that suit their preference. And we are happy to provide them with service and support as they tackle new projects.

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With extensive experience in argumentation, research, and organizational leadership, Julie R brings a critical perspective to all projects. She will review your project to ensure that your writing is effective, comprised of compelling arguments, targeted for specific audiences, and supported with strong evidence. 

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