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A Godfather’s Guide to Content Syndication Networks

content syndicationYou are looking for a way to move your content. I understand. There are things you can do. Content syndication, for instance, moves your blog around much like an ad network. It is an easy, and sometimes, undervalued way to drive traffic to a website. Someday, I’ll call upon you to do a service for me, maybe team project management, who knows. Until that day, accept this guide as my gift. Have a cannoli or two and while I explain to you the various syndication offerings for content marketing.


These guys serve some of the top families out there including CNN and ESPN. Here’s what they do. Outbrain has platforms available for brand development and media companies. Their goal is to make the connection between publisher and marketer, which is why they call themselves a content recommendation system. Their website states they are spreading content to more than half billion people each month. Outbrain is performance based, so you pay per click.


Zemanta is another good choice when you need a little syndication. Zemanta is performance driven much like Outbrain and claims they reach around 195 million unique visitors in the U.S. Like the other platforms, the program does most of the work for you. It will optimize, aggregate and index your content for multiple ad formats. Their ads work across various platforms, as well.


SimpleReach does things a little differently. This platform is a content engine, meaning it plows through blog content and promotes the posts that are most likely to do well in the different social media channels.

Their metrics are not as quite clear and precise as traditional syndication platforms, but I like their concept. The tool actually analyzes the different mainstream social media platforms and figures out what topics are the most popular. The system applies that information to your content to find the best opportunity for each post.


ARC is a less sophisticated tool than the other sites but still spreads the word across different channels. It works more like a press release system. In fact, ARC is part of PR Newswire. It blasts the content out to multiple sites at once for publication.

How to Get Choose the Right Family

Deciding which platform will serve your client best depends on what you hope to accomplish and your budget. Some of the programs are more work than others, too. For example, Taboola is very similar to Outbrain, but it requires a thumbnail picture with each post. Maybe you know a guy who knows a guy that can make that happen, but maybe you don’t, too. Do your research, so you understand the requirements of each service before making a choice.

You don’t gotta be made in this business to make content syndication work, but you do gotta be smart. If your outfit has got content to get out, then the syndicated life is one option. For a small taste, the content syndication network blasts your goods and helps build up the brand’s Internet reputation.

darla fWriter Bio: Darla F is a full-time freelance writer who specializes in helping agencies meet their goals by developing creative and engaging content.

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