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7 Reasons Your Website Content Isn’t Selling for You

Is your company website content not selling your business well enough? Perhaps you are getting visitors to your site but they are not buying, clicking or contacting you after they arrive. If that’s happening, the problem could be in the content itself, or the lack of it. Imagine you were purchasing a product online. What would make you stick around and invest in the purchase? What would cause you to hurry and close the page?

The 7 Mistakes You Could Be Making

If you are noticing your small business web content is just not doing enough for you, it may be time to up the ante and start focusing on the things you can do to clean it up. These are the most common reasons content fails to hit the mark.

  1. Are you asking for the sale? This is the biggest, worst mistake you can make. The problem is you need to tell the reader what to do. Ask them to buy, sign up or otherwise engage your site. What do you want them to do?
  2. Is it hard to get around? Ask someone in your office who has never been to the site before to find a specific product, service or even just a type of page on your site. How long does it take? If it takes longer than a minute or two, you’ve lost your customer.
  3. Is it hard to read? Content needs to be short and sweet. People like bullets, headings and subheadings because it makes scanning the content easier to do. Big, blocks of chunk material isn’t easy to read.
  4. Is your page full of ads? Do you really want your company website content to look like a flashy and trashy place? If that’s the case, the more ads you put up, the more you’ll convince people that you are just about the click. Rather, trim it down, keep it clean and streamlined instead.
  5. Are you really saying anything? If your page has words like buy, free, get or give, all over it, you are pushing too much on the sale and not enough on the quality of content. This is also bad for Google search engine ranking. Rather, ensure your content is informative and makes the customer say, “Hey, I didn’t know that.”
  6. Are you promising too much? Sometimes, the opposite is true. You may have a killer product that’s going to make your customer’s dreams come true. Really? They don’t believe it and neither do you. Be sure that your customers can actually trust you so they stick around.
  7. Is it outdated? If you haven’t updated your page in a while, it probably looks like it. There’s nothing worse than seeing a page with old products, dated information or missing data on it.

The bottom line is, your website content is selling your business to every customer that gets to your page. If it is falling flat, so are your sales. That doesn’t have to happen with the right type of content.

Sandy B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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