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6 Steps for Fostering a Lasting Relationship with the Perfect Copywriter

Your Relationship with Your CopywriterArguably, your copywriter is one of your most valuable assets. As the voice of your business, your copywriter is responsible for producing the lucrative text that engages your visitors and customers. While good copywriters for hire are hard to find, the ideal copywriter for your business is the proverbial needle in a haystack. If you ever find the needle or ideal copywriter, you should do everything within your power to create a lasting relationship. If you are unsure of how to do this, the following tips will guide you in the right direction.

Value the Copywriter

Natural talent and writing ability accounts for 90% of copywriting, while the remaining 10% is attributed to the copywriter’s knowledge or connection with the product. If you have managed to find a talented copywriter who has interest in your specific field, you must value the relationship. Conveying this to the copywriter is as simple as letting them know that you will be using their services exclusively. As a result, you increase the likelihood the copywriter will take ownership of future assignments.

Give Pats on the Back

Copywriters for hire, freelancers, content developers, or any other type of producer can be very egotistical. While the essentials such as timely payment are required, copywriters love genuine praise for their work. One of the best ways to foster a lasting relationship is to tell the writer when you think they really captured your vision.

Water Cooler Talk

You should always remember that on the other side of the monitor is the rainmaker for your business, which means you should be interested in them personally. If the copywriter is responsive, it’s beneficial to establish video chats, make short talk, tell them about you, and learn about them. Nothing conveys your value for someone more than your interest in them personally.

Give Constructive Criticism

In fostering a long-lasting relationship, you must be honest with your content developer. Just as you offer praise for a job well done, you should also communicate when the content isn’t in line with your vision. Since the copywriter cannot read your mind, it’s up to you to tell them exactly what you want. If you don’t, eventually you will be looking for another copywriter because you didn’t communicate effectively.

Pay on Time

Although some things shouldn’t have to be said, you must pay your copywriter on time. As one of the greatest fears of copywriters, being played and not paid is a real concern. If you have an understanding with the copywriter, make sure that the lines of communication are always open. The easiest way to sabotage relationships with copywriters for hire is to make them feel as if you are playing them.

Embellish the Partnership Facet

Instead of looking at the copywriter as a freelancer, you should view the relationship as a partnership. Since the copywriter does play an integral role in the success of your business, you can even invite the copywriter to some of your creative meetings. More importantly, the goal is to make the copywriter feel as if they are valued and have a role in your organization.

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