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5 Ways to Kickstart a Freelance Copywriter Career

So, you want to be a freelancer, huh? Good news! In this gig economy, almost anything is possible, but it’s not always easy to break into a freelancing career. Fortunately, there are plenty of writers who can attest to the fact that it certainly is possible; you just have to be willing to put in the work and do your due diligence. With a little assistance from this guide, you’ll be well on your way to building a solid base for your new freelancing career.

1. Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile Is On Point

LinkedIn is the gateway to career success for all sorts of industries, and freelancing is no different. People are constantly searching for keywords on LinkedIn that will connect them with freelance writers who can fill in the gaps of their business needs.

Even if nobody contacts you for work on LinkedIn, having your profile polished and completely filled out shows that you’re a professional who values the way your personal brand is viewed by the general public. This will translate well when the right company comes along.

2. Join Platforms Designed for Freelance Copywriters

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of freelancing sites. These sites bring together people who need content (small businesses, corporations, and third-party agencies) with the people who write content (that’s you). Platforms are marketplaces that bring supply and demand together where words are concerned. Just like with LinkedIn, it’s important to make sure your platform profiles are on point and showcase your talents, too.

Like most things in life, some platforms are far better than others. Dedicate a fair amount of time to research each potential lead to ensure you’re not setting yourself up for unnecessary disasters down the road.

Read online reviews before you join any platform to be sure you understand the quirks that could stand in the way of your success. Be mindful, however, that reviews go both ways. Before you write off a platform because it has bad reviews, make sure you weigh the good and bad things people are saying. Sometimes, disgruntled freelancers can give great platforms a bad name.

3. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

This is the golden rule to live by when you’re a freelance copywriter. Clients come and go all the time. The same can be said for platforms. It’s important to diversify your basket so you’re not relying on a single client or platform to pay all your bills. Sometimes, projects end. Other times, you may not be a good fit for your favorite client. Budgets and internal situations can also cause work to dry up.

The more diversified your basket, the more able you’ll be to navigate the waters when the wells start drying up.

4. Learn to be a Lurker

Online forums can be complete train wrecks, but they can also be gold minds filled with information that comes right from the source of people who are already freelancing for a living. Instead of jumping right in on the conversations, hang back and absorb the information others are discussing. Often, the information shared by struggling writers can be just as important as the guidance successful writers would give you.

When you’re comfortable, pop in with questions. Most forums have plenty of people who love to share their what-to-dos when it comes to writing words for a living.

Diversification is important here, too. If you’ve joined platforms, take the time to read through their forums, as you’ll glean a lot of invaluable information that may be specific to that particular site. There are also plenty of Facebook groups and Reddit threads where freelancers share their advice and bounce opinions off each other.

5. Set Up a Sample-Writing Sesh

You know you’re great with words, but how will the rest of the world know that? You don’t have to work for free forever, but you are going to have to spend some time crafting samples that make clients want to hire you. Start by brainstorming five categories you’d love to write about and generate unique pieces you can use as samples on your profiles and in your online portfolios. As you gain experience, be sure to add to your samples periodically to ensure you’re capturing any client who may possibly be interested in the topics you specialize in.

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Kristin B is a niche cable nerd by day and content creator by night. She spends her time in Denver meandering from coffee shop to coffee shop, hoping to contribute to every small business in town, one cup at a time as she creates blogs, web pages, and marketing collateral for her clients.

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