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5 Ways to Identify the Gaps in Your Email Marketing Strategy

5 Ways to Identify the Gaps in Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead. In fact, it has never been more effective. The rise in mobile-based email marketing has spawned a slew of new approaches, each with benefits today’s leading marketers crave.

Today, mobile email accounts for about 70 percent of overall message opens.

Even if you’re not prioritizing your content for smartphones over desktop, you should be optimizing for quick access, digestible information, and immediate links.

Your email marketing strategy as it stands may have a few gaps. To reduce the smudges on your marketing strategy’s armor, close the gaps between your email and customers, taking these five tips to heart:

Use Headlines Strategically for Offers

Not using your email headline space for offer promotion is detrimental to campaign success.

Today’s email readers are a mobile-based crowd who will easily skim over a long-winded, irrelevant headline.

They will gravitate towards headlines which promise immediate benefits. In the world of marketing, price is the biggest incentive. Put your 20-percent-off deal up top, in a way that appeals to the reader, rather than selling.

Frame a Price Advantage Up Front

Everyone is receiving promotional content in their inbox and consumers won’t check emails which don’t offer value. If you want to secure value, you need to promote something competitive.

If your product has better features than leading alternatives, display superior functionality along with another benefit to the reader such as a competitive price.

Display Your VIPs Where They Wish to Be

Consumers who’ve opted in to VIP clubs are not above letting their status known.
The price perks, updates and newsletters are nice—but few things compare to exclusivity.

True exclusivity however needs to be popularized. Use your emails to highlight your brand’s most valued customers.

Give VIP members a chance to connect with friends, too. The Entourage Effect works and can only work to further promote brand interaction.

Scanned Content is Better Content

We can’t say it enough: Mobile accessibility matters. Leading brands have ongoing email drip campaigns.

If you want to compete against them—and, really, you need to—you’ll have to make sure your content is scannable.

Scannable emails give busy subscribers the information they need and ensures a higher open rate.

Incorporate Dynamic Content

Personalized emails, today, get 29 percent more unique open rates than standard emails.

They also get 41-percent higher click-through rates. Email marketing segmentation works, and it’s a top-dog strategy in 2017.

Dynamic email might require an upfront investment in data marketing, but it’ll pay off, in the end.

If need be, outsource content creation services. An email writing service is a surprisingly good investment, if you need dynamic content.

Your strategy may seem secure, but it has a surprising amount of gaps.

If you can close the gaps where possible, you’ll place yourself in the upper percentile of successful email campaigns.

Don’t use email to chase clients, elect to make yourself attractive as a business, and incentivize ongoing contact.

Make your content dynamic, and personalize responses at every possible chance. Today’s leading email marketers have one thing in common: They’re memorable, consistent and—above all—offer incredible value.

Robert G is a marketing writer who received a Silver Honorable Mention for the Writers of the Future Contest in 2016.

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