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5 Ways to Get Motivated to Complete Frustrating Writing Assignments

Unmotivated Freelance WriterWhen I’m on a role with a web content writing assignment in my favorite niche, from a pleasant client or under 200 words, my fingers fly over the keyboard, I feel like I’m on top of the world and I can’t wait to tackle the next project. Give me a project that’s on its fifth revision, about tech devices or one in a batch of 4,000 product descriptions, and I find myself wishing I could wrestle alligators, walk on hot coals or give up coffee for life instead of writing. As a web content writer, I can’t always work on fun projects, so I discovered five solutions that motivate me to complete the occasional frustrating assignments.

1. Keep an eye on the prize, i.e. paycheck.

I know it’s a cliche, but there’s nothing like a mortgage payment, insurance bill or tax obligation to make me get to work. To keep my focus, I post a list of upcoming financial obligations on my computer monitor, and that list often gets me revved up to write.

2. Tackle the assignment first thing in the morning.

Personally, my mind is freshest first thing in the morning. I power up the computer, grab a fresh cup of coffee and tackle the frustrating project before I look at email or check Facebook. After making a dent in the project, I feel relieved enough to keep working on it until it’s finished.

3. Set a deadline.

Client deadlines mean I have to submit the assignment or I won’t get paid or hired for future projects. That deadline and the consequences for missing it typically light a fire under my fingers and keep me on task.

4. Break the assignment into manageable pieces.

While I can devour a pot of coffee in one sitting, a huge writing assignment paralyzes me and prevents me from even touching the keyboard. I found that dividing it up into pieces makes it easier to tackle. So, instead of researching, writing and editing a frustrating assignment in one sitting, I complete the research, outline, rough draft and editing in four separate sittings with breaks in between. Taking time to write a fun, personal project or play with my kids means the frustrating assignments take longer to write, but they do get done with minimal procrastination.

5. Hire someone to help.

Large projects like those 4,000 product descriptions are frustrating because they’re overwhelming and repetitive. Hiring another web content writer helps me make a dent in my workload. Since my professional network includes quite a few qualified writers whom I trust to provide excellent content, I know I have reliable backup if I need it.

The occasional frustrating web content writing assignment is a fact of life. I’m thankful for five tips that provide me with motivation to complete every project. What strategies do you use to motivate yourself to write frustrating assignments?

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