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5 Ways to Find Freelance Work

find freelance work

Things are looking up for you. You just received a screaming fast new laptop over the holidays, and your fingers are itching to start churning out articles and blog posts. There’s just one teeny detail that needs to be taken care of. Where to find freelance work? Here are five ways to start, and then you can take it from there.

1. Join a content site.

Content sites hire independent contractors – that’s you! – to write content for their clients. There are several out there, but be careful. Even though you won’t be working directly for the company, your name, and more importantly your work, will be associated with the website content providers. You want to join a quality content site that has a solid online reputation for satisfying clients. Do your research before joining any site to make sure they are a company you want to do business with.

2. Go bar hopping.

Yes, one of the perks of working for yourself is that it is permissible and even advisable to work in a bar. (Substitute coffee shop if you’re a teetotaler.) Being seen in public tapping diligently away on your impressive new laptop will likely prompt at least casual interest in your occupation. If you suspect the interested party could be a future client, be ready with a professional business card with your name, occupation and email address. If the prospect is legitimate, you can offer your phone number after you’ve vetted them.

3. Speak up.

Podcasts are extremely popular. They allow ordinary people to multi task like never before. People (your future clients) listen to podcasts in the car, on the train, while cooking and before they nod off to sleep at night. If you want to develop your freelance career in a certain niche, you really should be considering starting a podcast series. There are plenty of training spots on the web to teach you how to start up and run your own podcast. If people like what you have to say, they’re really going to like what you have to write.

4. Be your own client.

You know that a continual series of quality content, written by you, helps drive business to your clients’ virtual doors. Why not set up your own professional website and blog for yourself? You’ll be able to tell everyone what you know about writing, and in the process, snag some extra freelance work. If you have no idea how to set up a website, invest in a site hosting company with impressive templates designed for people just like you.

5. Knock on doors.

Behind all those virtual websites you want to write for, are real people with real doors. Get out there and knock on some doors. Bring a supply of business cards and your physical portfolio and offer your services to local businesses. If you live on earth, you probably have a strip mall near you that you can canvas in one day.

There is plenty of work out there for freelancers who are willing to work a little to find it. Use at least one of these tips and you’ll find freelance work very soon!

Kate S is one of those freelance writers who is willing to work to find work. Her last bit of advice: Don’t be afraid of rejection. All you need is one “yes” to get started being a freelancer.

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Freelancer Kate S

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