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5 Ways to Arrest Your Readers’ Attention in 5 Seconds

Arresting HeadlinesDon’t you wish every one of your blog posts had the ability to scream, “Freeze!” and hold every reader’s attention hostage? While an arrest warrant may be out of the question, an arresting headline will effectively handcuff your readers’ attention. According to Copyblogger, the average headline post will attract the attention of 8 out of 10 readers. However, only 2 of those readers will investigate past your headline. This means your headline can act as a neon sign flashing “Amazing and Interesting Content,” or it can state “Read at Your Own Risk of Boredom.” If you are unsure which message your headlines are communicating, you will undoubtedly want to consider the implementing the following top 5 arresting headlines.

Top 5 Ways to Arrest Your Readers’ Attention

  • “How to Write Amazing Headlines” How-To Headlines
    • The “How-to” headline appeals to most readers because it effectively offers a solution to the reader’s primary reason for searching the web. In creating a how-to headline, the goal is to highlight the benefit and not just the process. By focusing on your reader’s need or want and coupling it with “how to,” you are sure to get at least 10 – 20 seconds of your reader’s attention.
  • “Extra, Extra! Read All About It!”Announcement Headline
    • It’s a common component of human nature to want to know interesting or breaking news, which is also known as being nosy. When you pose your headline in a way that suggests breaking news, it can have the same effect as the breaking story in the Sunday paper. As a common tool used in news releases, make your headline more like a breaking-news story, and you’ll definitely get your readers’ attention.
  • “Get Amazing Headlines with Your Content Services” – Benefit Headline
    • With anything you do in life, you should always put your best foot forward. When you are developing headlines, your best foot is equal to your best selling point. By using the top selling point, you will be offering your readers your most lucrative offer up front. If you have a hard time deciding on your best selling point or best foot, perhaps you should spend a little more time defining your product or service.
  • “What’s Included in Your Content Services Package?”Question Headlines
    • Asking questions are sure ways to engage and involve your readers. While you may want to get inventive or witty with your interrogation, it’s best to keep it simple. More important, you should directly relate the question to your product’s major benefit. The goal is to pose questions that illicit responses such as “Yes,” “Maybe,” or “I would like to know more about it.”
  • “Do You Make These Mistakes With Content Services?” Mistake Headlines
    • Since no one likes to make mistakes, communicating a common error and the solution is a great way to develop a headline. However, this headline approach is most effective for highly targeted audiences.

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