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5 Ways a Landing Page Copywriter Can Boost Your Business


Landing pages are some of the best ways to bring targeted visitors to your website and get them to complete actions you would like them to take. However, not every landing page is created equal. A good page is brief, clear, and guides your visitors to a specific action. A bad landing page is unappealing, busy, and may confuse visitors. Discover five reasons why you should hire a landing page copywriter to create this important content for your site!

Landing Pages Gather Visitor Information

If you are trying to get your visitors to sign up for a newsletter or download an eBook, nothing works better than a well-developed landing page. Sticking a newsletter link on the side of your main page may get you a few subscribers, but a landing page will help you develop a following.

Landing Pages are Trackable

If you’re looking to track the success of different marketing methods, developing multiple landing pages just makes sense. In the world of marketing, A/B testing is a key technique to find out what works and what doesn’t. This works perfectly while you’re developing landing pages.


Landing pages don’t have to have the same design as your standard webpage. That means you can try a new design or format and see the results. For instance, you could try taking advantage of the power of color to influence your visitors to take a certain action.


Landing pages work on the principle that people want what they cannot have. Create a landing page that requires your visitors to take an action before they can download your free eBook or a PDF full of useful information and they are often willing to comply—because they MUST HAVE this information and it is not freely given.


Your main webpage probably has a lot of information, graphics, and other elements included. This is understandable and often not something you can avoid. However, a landing page can, and should, be simple. A simple page is attractive to those who do not already know about your company or industry—it can give them a great first impression that does not overwhelm.

A landing page is a very useful part of the marketing process. If you are not experienced with creating these pages yourself, working with a writer who understands the process may be one of the best steps you can take. As a final piece of advice, do not be afraid to try something new and test the results. You can always build another landing page or make adjustments later.

Tracy S is a content writer and blogger who specializes in home improvement-related topics. When she’s not working, Tracy loves playing pool, watching cheesy reality TV, spending time with her family, and dreaming of the beach.

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