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5 Tips to Prevent Writing Burnout

You’ve just written your 16th press release of the week, and another six are waiting in your queue. The only thing you want to do is slam your laptop shut, send the kids off to Grandma’s and order take-out, but not before booking a seven-day cruise for yourself to get away for awhile.

The reality of earning an income working for content writing services demands that we work strange hours, day-in and day-out, sometimes for weeks at a time. If this goes on for too long, serious consequences could follow, so it’s essential that take care of ourselves so we don’t go up in a burst of flames. Here are some tips to implement to avoid burnout:

Make taking time out nonnegotiable. Growing up, my parents never allowed anyone in the family to work or have outside activities on Sundays; it was a day for family and rest. I never thought much of it, but as a busy parent, I now see how wise they were. Channeling my childhood, I’ve now declared that all of Sunday be used as a day off for my family.

Delegate what you can. Think about it, our work depends on people delegating their work to us, so why shouldn’t we do the same? When I began thinking of all the hats I wear–15 at last count–I realized that I don’t have to try and do it all. So I handed my “gardener” and “grocery shopper” hats over to my husband, and freed up a few hours a week so I can exercise and read for pleasure.

Get rid of problem clients. We’ve all got them; they’re demanding or pay poorly or expect us to read their mind. If you’ve never let go of a client before, its a little nerve wracking at first–especially if you’re counting on the income from them–but you’ll feel liberated afterwards. Embrace an abundance mentality, and you’ll find that there’s plenty of work out there waiting for you. I let a super-reliable one go, but my income hasn’t suffered a bit.

Leave the house regularly. Being stuck in the house and tied to the computer eight or more hours a day can bring on a serious cause of burnout. Schedule a coffee date with a friend so you can catch up on the world outside of your four walls. Pack up your laptop and head to the bookstore or library once a week. A bit of socialization and a different environment will stimulate your mind and you may have a spark of brilliance while people-watching between writing all those press releases.

Soak up the sun- Many people have a vitamin D deficiency, which may be linked to depression and moodiness, among other health-related problems. Make it a habit to step outside for 15-20 minutes, around noon when the sun is at its highest, so you can absorb some liquid gold, boost your immunity and raise your spirits.

These are a few of the things that I’ve been doing to help beat burnout, and I’d love to know what works for you. Tell us in the comments!

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