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5 Tips to Make You a Better Press Release Writer

Write Better Press ReleasesWorking as an online content writer means that every day is different. One day you may be a copywriter, the next a blogger and occasionally you may find yourself filling the shoes of a press release writer. If you seldom take on this task, it can seem a bit daunting. After all, press releases are very formal documents that may have stringent requirements to meet the requirements of the wire agencies. If you want to take your PR skills to the next level, these five tips are sure to help.

A Good Headline Is Key

When someone first views your press release, they may quickly skim over it to decide if it is worth reading the whole thing. If you can write an informative, attention-grabbing headline, readers will be hooked. Spend some time on this sentence and make certain it “pops” off the page.

Facts and Statistics Are Important

More so than when you are writing an article, blog post or other piece of content, a press release needs numbers. This is the perfect time to find that interesting fact, mind-blowing statistic or other bit of data to share with your audience.

Be a Grammar Nazi

While you should always use good grammar, it is never more important than in a press release. Some of the wire agencies won’t accept a document if it is not perfect. Plus, if you want potential clients to take you seriously, only perfection will do.

Keep It Short and Sweet

One page is generally best for a press release. Include all the important information, but be careful about fluff. Get to the point, provide all the needed information and then wrap it up. Your readers will be grateful.

Don’t Forget Your Contact Information

In most cases, you are hoping to gain exposure and customers from your press release. Make certain that anyone who reads it has the information they need to contact you. A phone number and email address are vital, but consider adding webpage and social media contacts too—you never know how potential clients will prefer to make contact.

When you are tapped to craft a press release, don’t fret! Unlike many types of content, a press release is actually very “by the books.” Once you understand the process, you can easily create a PR that will wow everyone who is lucky enough to read it.

Tracy S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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