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5 Tips for Managing Bloggers for Hire and Other Freelancers From the Gang on Sesame Street


Working with bloggers for hire, web copywriters, designers, and other content creators is awfully exciting—and a lot of work too! After all, these creative types can be as difficult to work with as a room full of toddlers when they become a bit stubborn about their ideas and creative processes. With toddlers, you may serve juice and cookies and turn on Sesame Street for an instant cure to the grumbling. For writers, the cure is a bit different — writers prefer coffee with their cookies. The gang from Sesame Street can actually provide some guidance to help your writers deal with the chaotic life of a freelancer!

  • Counting Counts – In the creative world, it is easy to focus on the process of creating something new and forget that numbers matter. Sesame Street’s resident goth, The Count reminds us that you can count pretty much anything! While he may prefer to count bats, cats, or popsicles, writers and their clients need to count keywords, visitors, and dollars to make sure the final project is successful (and profitable) for all involved.
  • Look for Excitement in the Little Things – One of the most appealing aspects of Sesame Street is the characters’ excitement over the little things in life. Elmo, Big Bird, Zoe, and the rest of the gang are very childlike and find cats, cars, butterflies, and trees some of the most thrilling things imaginable. It is easy for freelancers to become jaded, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Remind them that the world is full of excitement, if they open their eyes to it!
  • Don’t Leave Anyone Out – This is a lesson especially important when you’re working with or in a team of freelancers. Everyone’s ideas are important and valuable. Make sure you give them respect—even if their “big idea” involves asking their goldfish for advice on how to proceed with the project.
  • Utilize Self Control – Cookie Monster fights a constant battle with his inner monster to NOT eat all the cookies. Writers can learn a lot from his struggles. Provide deadlines, of course, but let your writers have some control over themselves when it comes to getting the job done.
  • Share Your Knowledge – “Mentors” on Sesame Street, like Gordon, Maria, and Bob, are always willing to take a few minutes to teach a monster how to express his or her feelings, tie his or her shoes, or be a good friend. Make sure you are the same kind of mentor to writers and others who work with you. Share your knowledge in a positive way and it may surprise you how much it helps your freelancers grow!

Sesame Street may have been developed for the kindergarten set, but, as any parent can attest, the show is a lot of fun and provides some great lessons that stick with the viewer for a lifetime! After a hard day working on that web project that seems like it will never end, perhaps a few minutes with Big Bird and his friends is just what you need for motivation to get the job done!

Tracy S is a content writer and blogger who specializes in home improvement related topics. When she’s not working, Tracy loves playing pool, watching cheesy reality TV, spending time with her family, and dreaming of the beach.

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