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5 Things to Know About Platforms in the Gig Economy

There are millions of gig workers out there. Finding the right one can sometimes make you feel buried in opportunities. That’s why so many companies go to an online marketplace platform like WriterAccess. Through a predictable ordering and payment system, you could get access to thousands of writers vetted for their knowledge and skill. But ordering content through a platform isn’t quite like buying something on Amazon. Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Gig Economy Universe Is Way Bigger Than You Thought

Remember when people used to say, “There’s an app for that?” Well, now there’s thousands. Every corner of the gig economy universe is expanding at the speed of light. With gig workers holding an amazing 24 million accounts on online platforms, it can create a terminal case of FOMO.

Use This to Your Advantage

You can’t possibly hire writers from every platform out there, but you should browse through at least a few. Check out samples of the ordering process and read reviews. When in doubt, go for the ones that feature precisely the kind of content you need.

2. Like Planets, Every Platform Is Unique

Platforms that match clients with qualified writers fulfill a similar function, but they often look and operate as differently as two unique sites can. One might offer a lot of features or help negotiating, and command a higher rate as a result. Another may keep the platform design and prices super simple, but expect you to do more of the legwork to find gig workers.

Learning the Rules Is a Major Bonus

No one enjoys squinting at a receipt to learn a company’s return or exchange policy. With custom content like this, it’s best to learn the rules from the outset. Check out the terms and conditions to see how to:

  • place an order
  • make a payment
  • approve content
  • publish it on your own site

A little bit of time can save you confusion or hassle down the road.

3. Those Platform Features Are Yours–Use Them

You know how you think about taking a vacation, and suddenly Google is serving you ads about it? This kind of innovation is everywhere. Platform AI is getting better at snagging your ideas and translating them into meaningful instructions for writers. This kind of automated clairvoyance is forged in years of experimentation. It’s all there for your benefit, so you might as well use it.

Some Benefits Really Unscramble Your Workflow

Ordering content isn’t even the same as it was five years ago, and businesses reap the rewards. For example, the WriterAccess StyleMetrics Matcher takes text you like and creates a brief based on it. It will even help you find a few writers likely to produce content with the right tone and expertise. You could go from zero to ordering in just a few minutes.

4. You Don’t Have to Be the Expert

The old adage about the customer always being right sometimes leaves you hanging. What if the customer doesn’t know where to start? This is why businesses often go to platforms in the first place. Online marketplaces serve as a vehicle for discovery. You don’t have to know how to fly the ship in order to enjoy the ride.

Encourage Writers to Share Valuable Insights

Although it feels like the gig economy only formed five minutes ago, it’s been around for decades. Experienced freelancers have a galaxy worth of knowledge they’re delighted to share. Don’t feel like you must have all the answers. This is a great opportunity for you to get some great insights that will help your content work even better.

5. The Destination is All Yours

Like any important voyage, your input fosters the trip. The order is custom-made just for you, which means that a writer might need some extra information to adjust their target destination. To make sure they get to the right place, you should be ready to answer questions or give feedback.

You’ll Be Glad You Invested the Time

It’s always a relief to climb out of the cabin and catch a glimpse of exactly what you wanted to see. That bit of extra effort ensures you get there.

WriterAccess is an online platform that aims to take all the complexity and confusion out of ordering content for your business. Ready to try it out? Here’s how it works.


Holly S has over a decade of experience writing in the fields of communication, journalism and history. She obtained a master’s degree in a writing-intensive discipline and possesses years of academic, professional and non-profit experience in editing and arranging for distribution the written works of herself and others. As a professional writer, she has written hundreds of articles and blog posts on topics including technology, finance, home and garden, health and wellness, food and beverage, travel, and education. She has a campy wit and writes well in a variety of voices, from professional to humorous. She has built an extensive understanding of SEO and content marketing tactics to ensure that her writing will reach prospective readers in the right demographics.

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