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5 Secrets from Successful Bloggers

secrets of successful bloggers

You are a good writer. You are passionate about a specific topic. You are ready to create a successful blog, right? Almost.

Consider these 5 ingredients that take good blogs and make them extraordinary.

1. Commonality

People read blogs to enjoy a story. They want to identify with blog writers and feel as if they are sitting down for coffee and discussion. New bloggers often make the mistake of believing they must present themselves as the authority in the room, when in reality, successful bloggers know it is their humanity–not their authority–that will bring readers back for seconds. So write like an expert, but write like a human being. Embrace the perfections and imperfections to connect with the person on the other side of the screen. Write to one person, not to a room.

2. Generosity

Successful bloggers are generous bloggers. They give of their time, their resources, their knowledge, and their friendship. Bloggers who create a platform in order to sell a product eventually discover generosity to be of more benefit than crafty marketing. Generosity encourages trust. It demonstrates heart. It builds rapport. And all of this results in higher sales. Figure out what your reader most needs from you and then … give it away.

3. Consistency

It is no surprise that the more content you publish, the more readers will come to your site. Statistics show a direct correlation between frequent content and increased traffic. Consistency is key. Publish with expected frequency and readers will subscribe to your RSS feed and will read everything you publish. Google also responds favorably to blogs that publish often. Publish regularly and watch your site climb in the Google results. Decide to write consistently and then do it. It’s that simple (and that hard!)

4. Creativity

Find an angle. Especially if you are blogging about a topic with a million competing blogs or brands, be sure you find a unique angle and stick to it. Create catchy titles for your blog and its entries. If you love the topic, you can make it work. If you find a unique perspective on the topic, you can make it sing! Be sure your blog is attractive and creative. Don’t bury good content in a messy platform.

5. Camaraderie

Network. Network. Network. In the blogging world, finding companionship is critical. Look to connect with successful bloggers and promote them at every opportunity. Ask for guest blogging opportunities in response. Connect with brands that offer mutual wins. Find friends in the blogging sphere and teach each other. Don’t look to step on others to make your blog successful. Look to promote others and create relationships that are equally beneficial.

Bottom line: Good blogs don’t happen accidentally. Keep writing. Keep learning. Keep practicing. Blog writers know that all of the secrets to blogging successfully boil down to one word: GROWTH.

Trisha P is a wife, mom, writer, editor, and former water polo champ. (Seriously.) She spent several years in the publishing business and now serves as social media coordinator for a New York Times bestselling author. In 2011 she published her first book and will publish her second in mid-2015. Don’t be fooled. She spends the majority of her time doing laundry.

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