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5 Marketing Automation Predictions & Best Practices for 2017

5 Marketing Automation Predictions & Best Practices for 2017

Change is often difficult, and nowhere does that ring more true than in marketing.

Technology is a particularly challenging (yet rewarding) mountain to climb. It touches nearly every aspect of how we’ll approach strategic automation in the coming year.

Where “cyberspace” was once the height of the tech revolution, we’re breaking the calendar. Sliding on virtual reality headsets and turning our phones into an extension of ourselves – and all of that might even happen before lunch.

Here are a few things to keep an eye on in the coming months, in terms of planning successful marketing automation strategies:

1.) SEO in 2017: Mobile Optimization is a Must

Mobile is now the first line in any modern marketing playbook.

Any website, blog, or product page that doesn’t intrinsically adapt to mobile screens and on-the-go needs is essentially wasted effort.

Both iOs and Android users need to be taken into account as you don’t want your click-through and conversion rates to dip as Google places increasing importance on mobile responsiveness.

Hop the mobile train if you haven’t already: it’s the best way to ride full steam ahead into the new year.

2.) Smart Keyword Research

Brick-and-mortar businesses once had the assurance that incoming competitors had to jump through a few hoops to get started. Automated research tools have since leveled the digital playing field to set beginners on surprisingly strong footing.

From analyzing search engine trends to reverse-engineering competitor pages for keyword ideas and successful frequencies, staying agile in 2017 may simply mean selecting the right tools.

While content creation and strategy are still vital, getting them right the first time is much easier than it used to be.

3.) Content from Thin Air

Google loves fresh content. What can you do if your company is product-based, or doesn’t have a lot to naturally cover in content?

Making new product inclusions automated updates can help immensely when paired with regular content.

Most blogging platforms – the ever-popular WordPress for example – now have the functionality to link to product databases and generate postings based on new product additions.

Additionally, settings allow for cross-posting across social media platforms, allowing you to cover Facebook, Twitter and more, simply by populating your product database with fresh descriptions.

4.) SMM Isn’t Going Anywhere

If you don’t yet know your posts from your tweets from your updates, it’s time to learn: this is one trend that’s sticking fast.

Social media has fully harnessed the world’s relatively newfound love for bite-sized snippets of information, delivered through a connection that moves at the speed our immediate gratification loving culture.

This doesn’t just touch on B2C outreach either. B2B marketing goes far beyond the boundaries of LinkedIn, these days.

5.) Customized Solutions Continue

Marketing automation 2017 style isn’t one-size-fits-all. There’s no magic key or silver bullet, unless you count customization itself, of course.

Gaining and supporting a unique brand voice has never been more vital, and it’s the best way to differentiate your company this coming year.

Create content specifically for your business and design user experiences that let your customers know that your solutions are not your rival’s.

Content strategy is the new foundation for success, so skip it at your peril!

While the marketing world is bound to experience some shifts in the coming months, these five points are a great place to start if you’d like future growth to go smoothly. Are you prepared to be the best you can be in 2017?

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