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5 eCommerce Content Marketing Strategies for 2017

5 eCommerce Content Marketing Strategies for 2017

To plan for the future, you’ll need to gauge the present. 2017 is here, and it isn’t slowing down.

Today’s leading eCommerce content marketing strategies are on fire, and they’re only getting better.

If you want to stay in the game, thrive online, and propel your products to unprecedented popularity levels, keep in mind these five eCommerce content marketing strategies:


Mobile Advertisement

Display advertising and content marketing have historically been hand-in-hand strategies.

They work well together, and they’re evolving to fit the new marketing era.

Content marketing has gone mobile, and so have ads. Now, mobile advertisement is responsible for about 88 percent of consumer-to-business contact within the first 24 hours of exposure.


User-Generated Content

Even if you’re controlling the content flow, you can still prompt consumers to make it. User-generated content is in, and leading eCommerce gurus are prioritizing it.

70 percent of consumers trust consumer-written reviews over professionally crafted marketing content. From social media to review websites, user-generated content is an invaluable resource.


Influencer Marketing

High-profile individual recommendations are valuable, too. About 92 percent of people trust individual recommendations, and eCommerce content marketers are using such influencers to drive interactions.

A solid influencer marketing strategy can boost your bottom line. It can also increase your content marketing strategy’s long-term retention.



Who doesn’t like visual content? Media has always been a fundamental online marketing component. Now, it’s become inseparable from social media content marketing strategies.

Even if you’re running a blog, a solid video marketing strategy works. Today, content featuring video posts have a 135-percent higher organic reach rate.

A good video is better than some photos, hands down. Implement a solid video strategy, and watch your content marketing platform reach new heights.


Social Proof

As stated above, social media carries a high value. Because baseline SEO marketing tactics are getting old, content marketing campaigns backed by social proof are today’s winners.

In 2017, social proof will be vital to leading content marketing strategies.

Simply put: High social media clout pulls new customers. Because Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn have become indispensable eCommerce marketing tools, a solid social A-game is important.

There’s something to be said for remarketing, too. Include “touch points” into your eCommerce strategy. Reveal your brand’s products multiple times, and give your customers a reason to reinvest.

Customers receive a lot of white noise, but they’ll remember a high-quality content marketing strategy. They’ll remember it more if there’s a high amount of reintroduction.

If you’re savvy with social media, digital marketing, mobile access and content, your eCommerce strategy will thrive.

Don’t forget to connect your channels, either, as omni-channel marketing is a key tool for success.

Connect to your customers via social media, offer mobile coupons, give them instant-pay options, and incentivize new investments.

Robert G is a freelance marketing writer who helps ecommerce businesses use content to drive sales. See how WriterAccess has created content solutions to help grow your business.

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