5 Blogs All Freelance Content Writers Should Be Reading

As a freelance content writer, it’s critical to keep your skills sharp and your eyes on the changing market. ¬†Each of these blogs offers the input and guidance you need to move your content writing forward.

#1: Social Media Examiner

With continuous updates, Social Media Examiner is the industry must-read. Since everything you write online will have some element of marketing to it, you’ll appreciate the insight and up-to-date info here.

#2: Copy Blogger

Copy Blogger is an interesting, insightful writers’ blog. You’ll learn trade secrets and straightforward ways to improve your copy–like how to include sales-like tones in non-salesy content.

#3: Freelance Writing Jobs

While Freelance Writing Jobs does a great job of pulling in leads, they also offer some groundbreaking content on the industry itself. Follow them, learn to blog, and find additional leads while you’re at it.

#4: The Write Life

Content writing isn’t always about clients. There’s plenty to learn about how to mesh your “real” life with your freelance content writer career. The Write Life does a good job of providing updated information, while also connecting people to the realistic side of the business. Whether you are writing a novel or a sales letter, The Write Life is a good read.

#5: Grammar Girl

Keep your skills sharp by reading tips from Grammar Girl. If you want to improve your craft or just need to figure out how to map a sentence, this is the place to go.

Are you reading any good blogs? Which one has taught you the most about freelancing? Let us know in the comments!

About the author

Sandy B offers in-depth content in numerous subjects including finance, health, insurance, investment planning, legal, healthy living, offline and online marketing and other many other avenues. She also loves researching and doesn’t think any topic is too far out of range.


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