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5 Bizzablogs to Get Your Event Content Party Started


Writers, did you know that there is a market for writing in the event industry? If you frequent festivals, have spent your life savings on international raves, or are a con freak, then you should check out this niche industry. Here are some bizzablog websites for freelance writers that will educate you on everything event-worthy, from planning parties to publicizing events to the latest conference technology.

Velvet Chainsaw

At Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, you can receive community level support for your upcoming event. This consulting group provides assistance with boosting sponsorship, improving speakers, and general conference design—all with the goal of increasing ticket sales and event participation. The site also features the Midcourse Corrections blog with a wealth of information regarding event consultation. Plus, comments are added hourly, ensuring this is an active and healthy blog, filled with the latest event industry happenings.

Biz Bash

If you are interested in the planning part of parties, hit up Biz Bash. This website lists venues and suppliers, as well as professional event planning courses, to source for event-related content. Looking for the upcoming events in a particular city? Note the News section of the site, which includes an option for advertising your own events, venues, or suppliers. Biz Bash is also available as a print publication, ideal for writers interested in writing for the glossies.

Event Manager Blog

The name isn’t the hippest, but the blog at Event Manager makes up for that. Articles abound at the Event Manager Blog, with some of the latest including:

This site also provides information regarding social media, technology, and inspiration. For those interested in writing about applicable technologies, event tips for social media, or for inspiration for upcoming articles, the Event Manager Blog is the bomb.


Eventbrite is an app that can help you with organizing events, as well as with registration and check-in for guests. On the Eventbrite blog, there are listings of upcoming events in your target area, as well as tips regarding the event industry. Frequent this blog for a party planning tip of the day and to discover rising event stars via the community spotlight section.

Event Industry News

Based in the UK, Event Industry News takes the cake when it comes to international events news. Here you can discover the latest recipients of event industry, festival supplier, and event technology rewards. Find out who is the leader of the pack in terms of event resources. If you are hunting for field work in the event industry, check out the listing of event industry jobs, noting obviously that the majority of jobs will be based across the pond.

Miranda B is an event aficionado with a special spot in her heart for weekend music fests.

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