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4 Ways To Tell When Your Content Strategy is Broken


Nothing will drain the life out of your content strategy faster than detachment. You might have some great content creators, a content strategy worthy of acclaim, and a brilliantly-executed content delivery system. But if you step back for too long to watch the wheels of your well-oiled machine turn, you could be missing out on some fantastic returns.

The secret? Stepping back into the works, constantly reevaluating and updating your strategy, and checking to make sure you’re on top of your game. Keep an eye on these key performance indicators to make sure you’re still actually reaching your audience.

1. No Shares

Shares–whether they’re on Facebook, Twitter, links on Instagram, or memos sent via carrier pigeon–often carry the weight of the marketing world. One of your content goals should be to provide selfless, relevant material that’s either informative and helpful or entertaining and smart. If it’s not being shared, no matter how sparkly and shiny that content, ad, or video script writing is, your audience isn’t engaging with it the way you want them to.

2. Few or No Comments

You might be getting hundreds of likes, thumbs-up, or other clickable accolades, but engagement gold really lies in the comments (and shares, as noted above). If no one is talking about what you publish, you’re missing the mark, and it’s time to reevaluate your strategy. Maybe you’re speaking to the wrong audience or you need to approach your topics differently.

3. No Increased Traffic

Content should drive traffic to your site, not just exist alone in the social media sphere. If your content isn’t sending a steady stream of traffic your way, that’s a clear indication that something is wrong. When you’re really bringing clients value through your content and building a relationship with them, they’ll be curious enough about you and interested enough in your products or services that they’ll want to explore your site. If they’re not, there’s a problem. An effective analytics plan will help you figure out where your best sales and leads are coming from so you can adapt your strategy accordingly.

4. Unfocused Content

An effective content strategy will net you sales, or at least leads. If you’re not getting them, it’s time to question whether your content is too broad for an audience to latch on to. This is a common mistake, made in the interest of trying to appeal to everyone. The solution? Know your audience. Get to know them over and over again as they evolve, and focus content to meet their needs.

Keep in mind that the best way to develop your content strategy is to give your audience a steady stream of value, whether that’s something that will make them laugh or something they’ll want to reference again and again. Building that kind of relationship will earn you incredible brownie points with your readership, and in the long haul, it will also solidify your customer base into loyal fans.

steffani jSteffani J loves to travel and explore the world by scuba diving, hiking, and exploring languages wherever her travels take her. She also loves reading and writing about her passions, from literature to linguistics, anthropology, world travel, kayaking, and education.

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