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4 Tech Trade Shows Freelance Writers Shouldn’t Pass Up

tech trade show

Are you one of those freelance writers who are weary of writing about topics like furnace repair and roofing? Do you wonder how you can get writing gigs on the juicy topics like the latest improvements in jetpack technology or transmutation teleportation devices? If your inner geek will be silenced no more, don your 3D glasses and pay attention. Here is your secret code for becoming the go-to freelance writer for up and coming technology companies who need lots of content for their burgeoning enterprises.

1. Consumer Electronics Show

Each year, the Consumer Electronics Show hosts hundreds of exhibitors who are keen to be counted along with Apple Corporation as a techno company that people should pay attention to. After all, even the iPhone 6 was introduced at this event, which is held in Las Vegas. Of course, there are lots of duds up for viewing as well, like the Selfie Brush that debuted this year, a hairbrush with a camera on the back to forever immortalize that new hairdo you’re rocking. But hey, even the Selfie Brush website needs awesome content, so what do you care if it’s a hero or a zero?


Yokosan, young padewan”. That’s Japanese (and Star Wars) for “Welcome, young student.” You’re welcome. If you’re planning to make it over to Japan for the annual electronics tradeshow, you’ll definitely need a few phrases to get you by. Just think of all those Japanese exhibitors who are champing (not “chomping” – look it up, young padewans) at the bit to sell to American consumers. But they can’t, because they can’t write in English. Until you came along. Just smile a lot, research the product, and you’ll be able to sell your English writing service to at least one INTERNEPCON participant, which will make your entire Japan trip one awesome tax deduction.

3. Electronics West 2015

Looking for something more local? Attend the Electronics West trade show in Anaheim, which is being dubbed the “Motherboard of Resources.” There, you might just meet the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Over 2,000 suppliers for technology manufacturers are scheduled to attend. That’s 2,000 private client leads for your writing business that I’m not charging you for. And that’s not even including the actual manufacturers that are showcasing their completed product lines.

4. DesignCon 2015

While you’re enjoying California’s sunshine and fair weather, why not hit up the DesignCon melee in Santa Clara? You’ll be able to rub elbows with keynote speakers from prestigious institutions like Stanford University, Synopsis Corporation, Intel and Nvidia. Tip: Hand over your card and be happy if they accept it. Don’t expect to be invited to their hotel for an after-hours party with Justin Bieber. You’re a writer. People assume you want to be alone and depressed. Don’t spoil the illusion.

Strap on your writing gear and fill your pockets with your business cards. Get yourself to one of these four technology trade shows. These are the top four technology trade shows in the country, and every one of the participants is going to need someone like you who can wield a keyboard like nobody’s business. Be there or be square. Better yet, be both. By the way, if you’re too late this year to catch these events, just sign up for next year.

Kate S is a freelance writer who is adept at recognizing opportunity, even if it is at a trade show.

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