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4 Content Marketing Tips for the Way-Too-Busy

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A continuous stream of fresh content is necessary to keep your brand in consumers’ minds. But, coming up with quality content can be time consuming. No time to dedicate to new blog posts? These tips can make it easier to keep the content coming:

1. Curate content from your industry.

In 2012, WordPress users created 347 new blog posts every minute. That rate could only have increased since then. And, with numbers like those, it can’t be hard to find dozens of quality posts every week from your industry.

On the days that you do not have time to create new content of your own, take a few minutes to create a round-up post of the best from your industry. Your colleagues will appreciate the spot light and your readers will appreciate the new point of view.

2. Do a “best of” of your own posts.

Look at your analytics to find posts that have generated high traffic and engagement. With a few short synopses, these can be made into a new “best of” post for your blog. This can be a monthly or quarterly “in case you missed it” feature. You can also do “best of” posts more frequently for more specific topics. If your business is lawn care, for instance, pull together a “best of summer lawn tips.” You get a fresh post for your site and readers get a chance to read quality content they otherwise might have missed.

3. Hire a writer.

Many people who run small or medium businesses feel they have to be personally responsible for their business’s online promotion. But, spending time writing blog posts, social media updates, ebooks and other content can wind up leaving you without the time you need to take care of other business functions. Hire a writer to free you up to concentrate on the core functions of your business.

4. Update older posts with new information.

No matter what industry you are in, best practices and top recommendations change. Skim through old posts occasionally to note ones that are probably ready for an update. Take a few minutes to make the changes, and then repost as a new entry. This helps you keep information on your site fresh and up to date and also allows you to get more mileage out of your content.

Content creation takes time, but, there will also be many days you can get by investing less of it. Keep abreast of what people are writing and what people are reading in your industry. This makes it easier to stay in the conversation even when you don’t have the time for full posts.

Lara S is a freelance writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She is adept at writing content in niches that include marketing, health, food service and more. Contact her for white papers, ebooks, blog posts and articles.

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