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3 Types of Blog Posts You Want in Every Content Strategy

Blogs, blogs, blogs—everybody’s got one. How you manage your blog is a whole other ballgame. When you are writing and publishing content, keep your content fresh with some common blog post types. You can also come up with more innovative ways to get your message across instead of just using the same old listicle style.

1. Reviewing Products and Services

Shopping reviews. Buy a product, review it in a blog post. It’s a great way to gain attention especially if you throw in a YouTube review of the company or “unboxing.” However, it can be easy to fall in the trap of receiving and reviewing for the sake of the product. Write about something that is related to your brand though to stay focused. Avoid the old fall-by of just reviewing products to get sponsors in the future. That’s not authentic.

Look for products that your customers are going to want to have, use, own, or at least know about for future reference. This is where you can expand your audience by offering them products and services they might be aware they even need yet. You help sell another brand or business while giving back to your readers, which can increase credibility and brand loyalty among your audience when they follow through with purchases. You aren’t even selling your own stuff here–which is key. It’s sort of like a charitable giving concept of paying it forward. Plus, you are getting some cool content and products to use for your own. Win, win, win!

2. Non-Keyword Focused Blog Posts

Another type of blog is one that is focused on a keyword or two. Yes, yes, keywords rock in the content creation category. Here are some places and the types of keywords you want to find there:

  • Quora for topics
  • BuzzSumo for popular post ideas
  • Reddit and SubReddits for questions to ask in blog posts

Now, about writing around a keyword. One keyword is great…for inspirational purposes only. Everyone will not agree here. But if the quality of the content is king, then these keyword counts only place limits around that content that are too rigid in almost all instances.

From a writer’s perspective, there is nothing more tedious than writing a 300-word blog post about 35 different keywords that add up to…you guessed it…350 words. Bottom line—we need less focus on the keyword for SEO’s sake—and more focus on the keyword for inspirational sake. Increase the creativity and flair of your content as a writer by using one or two keyword phrases for your own SEO research.

3. Content Types in Bulk

Check out some more inspirational blog post links:

Another place you can go to find content ideas is right here at WriterAccess. Just check out some of these posts we have here that are outside of the ordinary:

  • Funny Typo Faux Pas—vets versus vets for example
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See you next week with more content strategy tidbits and morsels.



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