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3 Top Takeaways from Byron White’s New Book: The Content Strategy Game Plan


Byron’s new eBook The Content Strategy Game Plan takes an in-depth look at exactly what content strategy is and provides a concrete picture of how you can best use it to advance any business.

For company owners and marketers alike, employing a well-documented content strategy can bring about revolutionary growth for any business.

Here are just a few of the topics that Byron delves into in the book:

It’s the Journey Not the Funnel that Leads to Content Marketing ROI

In 2017, basing your marketing on the sales funnel to sell your products and services is like trying to use a Commodore 64 as your computer.

Once upon a time it served a purpose well, but now it’s dated. Using old tools is only going to serve to hold you back. While the funnel was a series of steps to achieve an end goal, the entire focus was on attaining that end goal.

Today more than ever, the old saw, “it’s about the journey, not the destination,” holds true. The goal is always to increase content marketing ROI, but to achieve that destination, the key is to focus on the journey.

As much as there’s a magic formula for creating effective content marketing, the key component to the magic is authenticity. It’s what’s most valuable to customers and employees alike.

But authenticity isn’t something you can just buy as you would advertising space or an email list. It’s something which is carefully crafted by taking the customer experience and transforming it into a journey.

A journey that isn’t for the customer, but actually belongs to the customer.

The Power of Planning Ahead

Anyone who’s ever worked in a business setting knows well how vital deadlines, calendars, and goals are for keeping things running, and running well.

As you integrate content strategy into a company or marketing campaign from the ground up, it is the planning which is the perfect organizational tool around which to base everything else.

From getting started to tracking the end result of content marketing ROI, Byron’s book delivers a step-by-step guide of how planning the process of ideation, creation, optimization, distribution, and more can lead to success.

Great Content: What It Is and What It Can Do for You

SEO is as important as it ever was, but in the last few years it began to feel like a war on the web. Strategists were going head to head with the latest Google algorithms, trying to fake them out to get the best results in search engines.

Now it’s not just search engines, social media is also using algorithms to determine what gets seen by whom.

The good news is that rather than running in circles trying to figure out how to “beat” the latest algorithm, expert marketers know as algorithms are getting smarter they’re moving towards valuing one thing above all else: quality content.

By making remarkable content the cornerstone of your strategy, you’ll always be at the top of the page.

To learn more about how to map out your content strategy, Byron is offering The Content Strategy Game Plan for download.

Alexandra M is a content strategist at WriterAccess who specializes in understanding a client’s needs and creating the perfect voice for the intended audience.

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