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3 Tips to Make Your Social Media Marketing Interactive

mediaSocial media marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools for small businesses. However, to maximize social media marketing, it is important to create content that is interactive. One of the best marketing tips for small businesses is to learn how to engage their customers and prospects to build relationships through Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

Interactive Content

If you are struggling to create interactive social media content, you are not alone. While creating content by itself is not rocket science, getting customers to interact with it is a lot harder. People often scan social media sites, and pick and choose what they interact with. But just because people do not actively interact doesn’t mean they are not viewing your content.

Still, active interaction can be measured and tested. So what works to get people to actively interact with you?

Three Interactive Methods that Work

1. Quizzes, Surveys, Polls

One of the types of content that has the ability to go viral is a quiz. Quizzes, if constructed properly, can become very popular and shared often. The trick is to design a quiz that will attract people and one that is fun to take.

Quizzes, surveys and polls offer you immediate feedback from your users. You can often create these for free on several websites such as Qzzr. You also have the chance to interact with your user twice, as they take the poll and as they view the answers. Users enjoy seeing what other people have answered or where they fit into the spectrum.

2. Interactive Video Marketing

Interactive video marketing is different from standard video marketing. The interactive videos allow the viewer to click on items in the video to reveal further information. You add interactive hotspots throughout the video to get your viewers to click. The addition of the interaction gives the viewers a chance to participate and makes the video a lot more fun. You can tell a story or give them additional product information. Try out this interactive video to see how it works.

3. Reveal-Based Marketing

Reveal-based marketing spikes the curiosity of the viewer. This type of marketing causes a delay between the lure and the revealed answer. You can create a simple version of this type of marketing by requiring your viewer to take an action to reveal a sale price, for instance. The action can be as simple as answering a question, tilting their phone or touching a button.

You can have a lot of fun with reveal-based marketing by creating games or problem-solving situations. This style of marketing is ideal for smartphones.

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