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3 Things Your SMB’s Content Writers Want from Santa

What Content Writers Want for ChristmasIf the bloody Black Friday reports of Wal-Mart commercialized cannibalism haven’t broken your gift giving spirit, take this time to consider what you can give to expert writers this holiday season. A paid sabbatical to write a holiday novel about elves who go Mission Impossible style to take down the retail industry might appeal to many writers. However, there are other more affordable and quite efficient ways to make writers happy that would also benefit your own business needs.

Some Expert Advice

Writers you hire to freelance for your company should be vetted from the start to determine they can do the job. Lead a writer in the right direction by providing basic, directive information regarding your message, your target audience, and the desired format of your content. While you should maintain open lines of communication with writers working for you, you should not try to tell them how to do their job. As No. 1 on this wish list for writers, we wish you would save your breath on lengthy how-to-write guides, such as explaining in elementary terms the difference between active and passive voice or how to write a lead. The basics of writing, such as how to compose a paragraph or what makes a valid web based resource, are not yours to teach. If you feel the tiniest bit of inclination that your freelance writer is incapable of pulling off web content without your grammar guidance or English 101 primer, fire them. You want experts to handle the job, and there are plenty of us out there ready to put our writing prowess to the test.

Say No to SEO

No. 2 on our wish list is that you would say no to the need to plump your content full of keywords in order to optimize your site. Writers are tired of being tied down by ill fitting terms, like auto repair owners in Dallas and payday loans Utah. The interesting thing is that writers aren’t the only ones moving away from SEO. Google is doing it, as well, with the changing tides toward social engagement. The advent of Google+ was only the beginning. Notice the Facebook Graph Search that allows individuals to search for news, events, and places, as well as music concerts, sporting events and retail sales, through Facebook’s socially focused feed. Google Search is following suit and changing its algorithm to make searching social engaged. As an SMB you can stay ahead of the game by asking writers to compose thought provoking, informative and emotional content, which is key for clicks in the socially engaged world of the web.

Hire Away

The third and most important wish on this list is that SMBs continue hiring freelance writers. We love and live to write. Let professional writers showcase our passion by putting our pen to the paper for your business. As an uber busy business owner you’ve got enough to worry about. Leave the letters, words, paragraphs and pages to those who know them best. In fact, think of freelance writers in instances beyond typical web content writing, such as:

  • Writing an eBook about your services or products, which you can distribute freely on social media sites and via email
  • Writing a technical manual for the use, maintenance and/or repair of your product
  • Translation services for bilingual brochures, signs and news articles
  • Writing video scripts for videos to promote your business on social media
  • Frequently asked questions lists for your website
  • Writing biographies for employees, as well as owners, for your website and promotional materials
  • Manage your many social media profiles by blogging, posting, commenting and responding to online audiences

You can always ask writers for ideas of ways to incorporate our skills with your business goals. This gives us a chance to stretch our mental muscles in creative ways, while benefiting your SMB.

Miranda B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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