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How Hiring Freelance Legal Writers Can Help Law Firms Build Trust with their Audience

When you have a law practice, you need to make sure potential clients see you as a trusted partner. Primarily, this means you must find innovative ways to build trust with those new clients. 

One way to do this is to make sure you hire legal writers who can effectively communicate your message, develop a legal marketing strategy, and define your law firm. Hiring legal writers can help you define yourself and make you stand apart from the crowd.

Hire LEgal Writers
Hiring legal writers helps you create better content that builds trust with your audience.

Legal Writers Understand the Challenges of Legal Marketing 

Marketing is complicated. Effective marketing is more than explaining your legal work to those whom you intend to offer your services. Your practice areas may include family, personal injury, or estate planning law. However, this does not mean you cannot identify legal writers who are a good fit for your firm. 

Whether you are a small firm, or a larger one, finding someone in your office who not only understands legal work but also understands marketing can be a challenge. This is why it makes sense for nearly every law practice to hire legal writers.

The Value of Hiring Legal Writers

You may think hiring legal writers is difficult. Fortunately, this is not the case. There are legal writers who have had experience as paralegals and lawyers who now make their living as great content writers. Legal writers also take the time to understand your voice, your potential client base, and your overall law practice. This is why it makes a lot of sense to use their services. 

Legal writing is more than explaining legal services. The right legal writer can break down complicated subject matter into digestible pieces that a layperson can understand. Writers leave legal advice to the lawyers and focus on your area of expertise. 

Legal writers are adept at research. They understand the value of unique content, the difficulty associated with making your website stand out from the hundreds of other law firms offering similar services, and they are committed to making your website emit a strong presence in the community you serve. 

Some of the ways a legal writer can help you become a thought leader include:

  • Crafting useful about us pages
  • Linking your practice areas
  • Helping you make the most of client testimonials
  • Making legal statutes less “legalistic”
  • Boosting search engine visibility through proper use of keywords
  • Providing you with ongoing blog posts and topics

Writers who specialize in legal content know that timely information is crucial to your marketing efforts. Many writers will reach out to clients when they see a legal topic trending in the marketplace. This allows the firm to leverage the buzz around an event or trend to bring more leads to their practice.

A great example of this is the recent COVID19 pandemic. Family law practices were in need of immediate information regarding how lockdowns impacted the visitation rights of parents. Personal injury attorneys suddenly were in great demand as employers, employees, and nursing homes were suddenly faced with new restrictions.

Tax attorneys were grappling with the impact of pandemic assistance from the $1,200 checks issued to taxpayers and boosts in unemployment income from the CARES Act.

Few attorneys had the staffing to respond to these marketing opportunities unless they were prepared to hire a legal writer who was committed to learning the intricacies of these challenges.

Legal Writer
Legal writers can help you take our legal marketing to the next level.

Marketing Your Legal Expertise With Freelance Legal Writers

Legal writers are adept at helping you build trust. Even when you hire different writers to provide you with ongoing blog topics, you will learn quickly which writers are very good at capturing your voice.

Each writer approaches their subject matter differently, but there is one thing you can count on. Each writer will take the time to ensure the material they send you is accurate, timely, and in compliance with the American Bar Association rules for marketing your law firm.

Chances are, you do not have time to write every piece of content you want to provide to your clients. One thing you can count on is that a potential client will likely turn to the Internet to do their research.

In fact, as far back as 2015, National Review cited a fascinating statistic: People who were searching for a law firm used a search engine to get information about a lawyer. This is important to remember because five years ago, there were fewer people with Internet access than there are today.

When you hire a legal writer who specializes in creating effective content marketing for law firms, you get the benefit of working with a professional content creator who understands marketing and what it takes to create content with the goal of building trust.

Professional legal writers understand how to write content that helps you attract leads online while working to build stronger client relationships.

Marketing Matters and Law Firms

A staggering number of legal firms use their websites as a form of marketing. While many law firms continue to use email as a form of marketing, it is important to remember that prospective clients are unlikely to be part of your mailing list.

During 2019, more than 85 percent of all law firms indicated they have a website. The problem of course is maintaining a website with content. Oftentimes, you will have to add to your website content if you add a practice area. If the law is changed in any way, you want to have your website updated so you are not providing inaccurate information to clients and potential clients. 

If you have a blog as part of your website, it does not make sense to have posts from three or four years ago be the “highlight.” New content can mean new visitors, higher search engine rankings, and more trust with your audience.

If your law firm audience knows you are keeping up with new developments in the law, chances are they are going to feel you are more reliable and dependable. This is why hiring legal writers makes sense for your legal firm.

Legal writers help put your expertise into language your readers can understand.

Hire Legal Writers Who Provide Quality Content

For most legal teams, finding the right legal writers is not that difficult. You have options: You can hire someone to work only on your website, or you can work with someone who can meet your needs on-demand. For most law firms, the second option is the best option. You pay for the content you need when you need it without the burden of extra overhead caused by a new person on the payroll. 

When you hire a legal writer who has experience writing content marketing for law firms, you get quality content that is designed to be read by your audience at their level.

Hiring someone who is going to put all types of legalese on your website will not serve you well. Instead, you want to hire a writer who can write at the level your potential clients are comfortable hearing from.

This does not mean the writer is going to make light of serious topics such as divorce, sexual assaults, or workplace discrimination, it merely means they will find a way to convey the seriousness of these topics in a manner that is understandable to someone without a legal background.

You have choices. You can clutter up your website with legal jargon and hope for the best, or you can hire a legal writer who will help your firm build trust, provide you with quality content, and make sure every subject is treated with the seriousness it deserves.

Your law firm can thrive if you allow yourself to turn over your content creation to someone who has your best interests at heart. Remember, writers succeed when you succeed which means a win-win for everyone. 

Not sure where to find quality legal writers? At WriterAccess, we’ve put together our list of top legal writers, making it easier than ever to find a legal writer to help with your law firm’s content marketing.

Hire a top legal writer today.

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